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Staged every other year in the fall, TEDxYouth @ ACSBeirut is produced by a committee of dedicated ACS high school students. The result is a memorable day of thought-provoking and inspiring “ideas worth spreading.”

At times, it can seem like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than the forces binding us together, this event here today serves as a reminder to the world and ourselves, that despite all the challenges, we are here to stay, bound by the forces of perseverance, hope, and unity. "

Adam TfayliTEDxYouth @ ACSBeirut Founder

From his opening remarks at the first TEDxYouth @ ACSBeirut event in 2021.

ACS was the First School in Lebanon to Host a TEDxYouth Event.

As is common at ACS, the idea of establishing TEDxYouth @ ACSBeirut started with a student. Adam Tfayli (ACS '22) first thought of hosting an event while watching a TEDx talk in his IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class. After consulting with teachers, administrators and the Development and Alumni office, Adam applied for and received a TEDx license that summer. Wasting no time, Adam assembled a team of diligent 15 high school students and set to work planning, promoting, and executing the event. They hosted workshops to help speakers refine and perfect their talks; their finance team secured sponsorship from Beirut Digital District; and their execution team worked to finalize logistics, such as the floor plan, camera angles, food, and the event schedule. The entire event was live-streamed and is still available to watch on YouTube, where it has attracted over 20,000 views. Following the event, the team received invitations to help plan and execute other events, as well as to consult with companies on their event planning.

Stay tuned for more information on TEDxYouth @ ACSBeirut 2024, and don't hesitate to reach out to us with your ideas, questions, and suggestions at

TEDxYouth 2022 Video Highlights