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ACS Beirut was the first school to establish a Model UN program in Lebanon in 2004. Held for 3 days annually at the official UN House in downtown Beirut, it attracts over 200 delegates from both private and public schools in Lebanon, as well as students from Jordan, Kuwait and France.


The LEBMUN Club is entirely student-run and is one of our signature programs for middle school and high school students interested in international affairs, debate, journalism and media. Around 40% of ACS middle and high school students participate in LEBMUN. For high school students specifically, there are numerous leadership opportunities – as elected LEBMUN officials, mentors for our grade 6 through 8 club members, or liaisons with the ACS public school Outreach Program. Organized by ACS students in 2021, the Outreach Program is open to public school students in Beirut and now includes over 50 students from 4 public schools.

Resilience, innovation, and perseverance. These are, in my opinion, the qualities that allow us to withstand the “test of time,” the ability to face the challenges ahead, and to withstand adversity … We have the power to maneuver time and bend it to our will. We should take advantage of that power whenever we feel powerless in the world. ”

Evanour HamadehLEBMUN Secretary-General '23

Excerpted from her blog in Daraj Media, “Can Lebanon Stand the Test of Time”?