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Student Life

-Student Life-

There are two credos that together create the “home away from home” that is ACS: Empowerment Fosters Engagement and Compassion Builds Community.

Engaged students are invested in their learning and in their school. We help our students take this leap from being passive to active by empowering them inside and outside the classroom. ACS students, from the youngest to the oldest, are encouraged to share their ideas, take initiative, and gradually assume greater responsibility for themselves and their community. Organizations such as our Student Councils, LEBMUN, Nour International, and TEDx demonstrate the truly impressive accomplishments of our motivated and engaged students. 

A strong sense of community is at the very core of what makes ACS unique. We build community one student at a time and one meaningful interaction at a time. By promoting kindness and compassion supported by action we can make ACS and our world at large a better place. Since 1997 ACS honors a graduating student who has made exceptional contributions to our community – both within ACS and throughout Lebanon – with the Citizenship Award.

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