Financial Aid


Our Financial Aid Policies and Procedures:

Financial Aid Policies

Policies (Courtesy to NAIS Principles of Good Practice)
  • Students are accepted to ACS without regard for their financial need.
  • The ACS Financial Aid Program offers financial assistance in the form of grants on the basis of the demonstrated financial need of the family and the available funds. Please note that scholarships are not an integral part of the financial aid program. Applying for a scholarship is a totally different procedure.
  • Recipients of financial aid are expected to meet the same standards of performance as all other students. They are not subject to special standards or other requirements that would treat them unequally. To be eligible for continued financial aid, students must demonstrate financial need and remain enrolled at ACS by satisfactorily completing the school year. 
  • ACS will continue to fund a student for the duration of his/her time at the school, as long as family need for assistance is demonstrated every year, according to the normal financial aid application procedure.
  • Individual consideration, based on a consistent method of assessment, is given to each financial aid application. Aid may be awarded up to 50% of tuition, according to the level of need, the grade level of the applicant, and the length of time the student has been with the school.
  • Financial aid funds come mainly from the operating budget. If tuition is raised, the financial aid budget will increase proportionately. ACS is committed to increasing the financial aid budget through fund raising.
  • All applications for financial aid are held in the strictest confidence. Only the Director of Admission / Financial Aid, Principals, and the Head of School have access to the records.
  • ACS will review the financial aid procedure for families who wish to request additional funding.
  • ACS will refrain and discourage others from making any public announcement of the amount of financial aid awarded to a student.
  • ACS will strive through its publications and communications to provide students and families with factual information about its financial aid opportunities, policies and procedures.
  • The financial aid program must be continuously monitored and updated to suit the needs of the constituency according to the changing trends and the program’s capacity.

Financial Aid Procedures

The Application Process

Parents will be responsible for presenting a completed Application Form with all required documents on time.

Interview and Follow-up

All applicants are requested to sit for an interview with the Director of Admission / Financial Aid upon the submission of the completed application form and the relevant documents. The committee may choose to inquire further by getting in contact with the stated references.

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