Financial Aid

ACS’s Financial Aid Program reflects a commitment to maintain a strong and diverse student population and to contribute to the support of deserving students whose families have demonstrated a need for tuition assistance. Recipients of financial aid receive some level of financial support, as the average tuition does not cover the real annual cost of educating a student.

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Financial Aid Policies

The following is a detailing of the policies that govern the financial aid at ACS:

  • Students are accepted to ACS without regard for their financial needs.
  • The ACS Financial Aid Program offers financial assistance in the form of grants on the basis of the demonstrated financial need of the family and the available funds. Please note that scholarships are not an integral part of the financial aid program.
The financial aid program is continuously monitored and updated to suit the needs of the constituency according to the changing trends and the program’s capacity.

Financial Aid Steps

Before applying, please read carefully the steps below. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

STEP 1 - Prepare your Documents - Before starting the online financial aid form, make sure you have the below documents scanned and ready to be uploaded in PDF or JPG (High Resolution). Please scan your documents, as digital photographs of documents will not be accepted.

  • Statement of Income / Employment Records: A recent NSSF Certificate of Service (Lebanese Nationals Only) should be provided for both parents even if unemployed.
    • If Employed, a recent Employment Certificate for each working parent clearly stating the occupation, job title, years of service, and benefits (educational benefits, accommodation, etc.) and an Employee Income Statement Form filled, signed, and stamped by the employer.
    • If Self-Employed, a Self-Employed Income Statement Form should be completed and signed by the concerned parent. Official Business Registration and shareholders’ documents, income tax statements, official balance sheet documents, and business account bank statements for the last year should be provided. 
    • If Retired, official retirement documents should be provided.
    • Supporting Documents should be submitted for all sources of additional household income (e.g. rental income).
  • School certificate of annual fees (other than ACS) for each dependent child enrolled at a school or university.
  • Photocopies of recent relevant documents pertaining to assets and liabilities mentioned in the application (e.g. housing rent, mortgages, loan agreements, car registration forms).
  • Family Civil Status Record for Lebanese applicants only.
  • Certificate(s) of ownership, in the name of the father or mother from the Land Registry Department.
  • Any additional documents that would support the Financial Aid Application.

STEP 2 - Download the PDF Financial Aid Application Form, complete it, and upload it according to the designated field in the online form below.

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