High School Music

  • HS Choir 9-12

ACS High School Choir is an excellent choice for students who enjoy music and singing. The primary function would be performance, but will also include improving vocal techniques, sight reading, listening skills, discipline, and music appreciation though performance of great works of well known composers and music of various time periods. The main goal of choir is enjoyment, and so a great variety of music will be sung, including popular songs, folk songs, and classical musical repertoire.

  • The ACS High School Band Program

The HS band program comprises a class which meets four times a cycle to play a wide range of music from classical to pop and everything in between! Students learn the fundamentals of instrumental technique and they also have a chance to compose and learn to improvise. The aim is for students to enjoy being part of an ensemble, playing great music and for them to see that they can express themselves creatively through a musical instrument.

High School Theater

The theater process scaffolds skills from the most rudimentary to the complex, requiring the student to acquire physical, mental, vocal, and creative discipline while using their individual skills cooperatively within a group. Theatre education is a tool for the study of history, culture, diversity, and the human experience as a whole.

Through theater, the youth of today have the opportunity to influence the world! Theater education develops skills vital for the challenges that will face youth both professionally and intellectually in the twenty-first century.

  • Advanced Theater I & II | IB Theater 11 & 12

  • Drama 1 and 2

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