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Drama Studio

The Drama Studio is the heart of the Theatre and Drama departments across Middle and High School. Here, students from grades 6-12 come to learn about performance in all its multifurcations. From learning about clowning and puppetry to Commedia Dell’ Arte and Kabuki and Noh Theatre, this is a space wherein students not only come to make meaning of the performing arts but to understand and create from their own experiences.

It is also a fully functional Black Box theatre with lighting and sound set-up for smaller, straight plays. This makes it perfect for the staging of classic plays for audiences of 20-30 at a time. With lots of students passing through the hallway to the cafeteria, this space is difficult to miss and lends itself to many theatrical and creative possibilities, and is a favorite pop-in spot for students long after they have moved on from Theatre and ACS.


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Drama Studio

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