Health and Safety FAQs

What health and safety protocols will be required from students, faculty, and staff on campus?

Students, faculty, and staff will be required to:

  • Have their temperature checked before entering campus.

  • Use the hand sanitizer at the gate before entering the campus.

  • Wear masks at all times indoors, in all classrooms, common rooms, and other shared indoor areas. Masks will be required outdoors when significant physical distancing is not possible.

  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters from others when in class or walking through campus.

  • Regularly wash hands throughout the day, following CDC best practices, or use hand sanitizer if hand-washing is not an option in a given moment.

What’s the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing?

Simply put: cleaning removes germs, disinfecting kills germs, and sanitizing lowers the number of germs on a surface. Source: CDC

What are the school’s hygiene practices?

We will set and follow comprehensive and intensive hygiene rituals in all areas of the school. We will practice and maintain the highest standards for daily cleaning and disinfecting on campus. All cleaning practices, supplies, and solutions will be in accordance with CDCWHO, and MoH guidelines.

High-touch surfaces and common areas will receive increased disinfecting. Bathrooms in the nursery will be cleaned after each use. KG1 through grade 5, the bathrooms will be cleaned 5-6 times a day. In addition, we will clean and disinfect common spaces such as surfaces, sinks, handrails, and doors knobs throughout the day.

Students are required to wash and/or sanitize their hands often throughout the day.

Will ACS conduct routine testing throughout the school year?

The need for ongoing testing of faculty and staff will be determined on a continuing basis. Testing will always occur with any employee is symptomatic. If a teacher or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, close contacts of that individual will be identified through cohort and contact tracing, and these close contacts will also be tested. Classrooms and offices impacted by the positive case will be closed, deep-cleaned, and disinfected.

What other precautions are you taking?

  • Students, employees, and visitors will have temperature checks to access campus, as well as during all interactions with the school nurses.

  • Students will be required to wear masks while in the nurse's office unless requested to remove for assessment purposes.

  • Nurses will be required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times, depending on the care being given.

  • Students with any fever or viral symptoms will be required to stay in a designated area until a parent or guardian comes to pick them up.

  • We are providing signage and distancing markers throughout the building.

  • The new traffic flow within the buildings separates entrances, from exits, stairs ‘going up’, versus stairs ‘going down’, keeping the traffic flow unidirectional when possible.

What health and safety enhancements have you made to the campus physical plant?

  • The school has taken steps to decrease the density in both the classroom as well as admin offices.
  • Large gathering spaces such as the US Auditorium, the Gymnasium, the Rabbit Field, LS Auditorium, and the Green Field will be used as teaching spaces this year in order to decrease density in classrooms. Tents and other outdoor spaces will also be utilized for classes.
  • ­­­­We are installed to direct the flow of people in and out of shared spaces with minimum face-to-face contact.
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