Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Co-Curricular program look like this year?

In a nutshell, activities will be offered only by ACS staff. We will not have outside vendors offering sessions. The activities program will look a bit different but we continue to plan on offering as robust of a program as possible. We plan to offer co-curricular activities in the blended learning model, with utmost regard to health and safety, and social distancing.

What will happen with international competitions?

The competitive NESAC seasons have already been canceled. ACS is looking at alternative possibilities for competitive activities.

When do we start with team try-outs and selection for MS/HS?

The Activities Department will be sending out information letters detailing the blended learning model and how co-curricular programs will operate. This will happen in adequate time to allow for students to prepare for their experiences.

How long will activities operate under the distance learning model?

The distance learning co-curricular activities model will take place as long as the school is operating in the DL model.

During the DL model Co-Curricular program, how many students can participate in a given activity?

The distance learning co-curricular activities model offers all students to participate in age-appropriate activities, this will maximize participation and allow for students to engage in their preferred experiences.

How many DL activities can students participate in?

The answer is as many as their time allows while being able to manage their time correctly.

Is there a teacher sponsor / coach with every DL Co-Curricular activity?

For the daily challenges, students work through each online activity on their own, they also have access to a dedicated team in the Activities Department for support.

Is there a teacher sponsor / coach with Physical Activities and Sports DL Sessions?

This would depend on the activity. Follow the details as per instructions provided in the DL Physical Activity and Sports.

How will competitions look like?

We will look at organizing lower-risk sports or activities to give students opportunities to participate and compete. Thorough risk assessment will take place prior to engaging in any competition. And ACS will compete with like-minded schools who are as well-prepared for running their programs during this time.

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