Distance Learning for Co-Curricular Activities

The ACS Distance Learning Co-curricular Program Plan will offer elective opportunities for physical activity and fitness. The intent is to promote healthy and balanced lifestyles and to help our participants continue to follow their passions while in a distance learning scenario.

The Co-Curricular programs will run with a subset of normal activities via distance learning from Monday to Friday.

  • Daily Challenges will be shared by the end of the day on Friday for the following week.
  • Weekly Co-Curricular Activities sessions will be shared by the end of the day on Friday for the following week.
  • Weekly sports training plans will be shared by the end of the day on Friday for the following week.
  • Plans will appear on the ACS Distance Learning ASA Website with individual activities.

Please click on the buttons below to access the Daily Challenge Planner for Distance Learning.

Grade 1-2Grade 3-5

Information and Guidelines

  • All activities are optional. However, the opportunity exists that an unlimited number of participants may participate in any one activity.
  • Activities will not require specific sign up unless specifically indicated. Participants may also select to participate in one session for an activity but skip it the next week.
  • Families may not always have materials or access to appropriate spaces necessary to participate from week to week.
  • Activities are also not generally time-sensitive.
  • Participants can manage their time and balance their academic schedule with choices from the ACS DL ASA catalog.
  • All ASA and Sports programs will live on the ACS Website.
  • Many of the activities are provided and explained in a written format and the student-participants will complete the activities on their own offline. In some cases, there will be opportunities for student-participants to share their accomplishments via a curated set of online platforms.
  • ACS DL ASA Team members will be available for assistance for student-participants and parents to support their participation challenges via e-mail and video conference.

Student Participants’ Expectations

For the duration of the time that ACS is using a Distance Learning platform, all students have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in activities on a daily or weekly basis and to work purposefully to stay healthy, balanced, and extend their learning.
  • Choose the activities they want to try, regardless of whether they were previously signed up for the activity, and join, continue, or discontinue activities as their passions dictate.
  • Behave and interact appropriately, in line with on-campus expectations and our ACS DL Policies.
  • Be mindful to dress appropriately and join synchronous activities in an appropriate public space in their home.
  • Under NO circumstances may students record, create memes or images, or in any way represent on social media or any other platforms, any online lessons, parts of lessons, teachers, students, or anything else associated with ACS.

Parent Expectations

  • There will always be a variety of daily and weekly activities to which student-participants from grades 1-12 will have access. Younger participants will require more support than older student-participants.
  • Some activities will require more support from parents in terms of direct assistance, materials, or providing a safe space.
  • All activities are elective and our intention is to provide a variety of activities that will appeal to a very wide range of student-participants.
  • Not all activities will be accessible to all participants due to the different circumstances and accessibility to equipment and facilities of each family.
  • Our intent is to provide activities that require a minimum of parent involvement and a maximum of participant engagement.

As a parent we ask you for the following support:

  • Supporting your child(ren) to design their daily and weekly plans.
  • Creating space within your household for your child(ren) to engage in the activities. All DL activities are done under the supervision of parents. We suggest a public space that you can occasionally monitor your learner.
  • Supervise your learner when going outside of your home for activities as age and maturity would require. We will recommend activities that take place outside. As long as social distancing is practiced, experts are recommending that people continue to go outdoors to be active.
  • Provide materials whenever possible to allow your learner to engage in activities.
  • Engaging your child(ren) in summarizing their learning experiences as a way for them to share what they have learned and their progress.
  • Check in with the ACS DL ASAs Team with any questions or concerns.

Support at a Glance

Support Areas & Contact Info

Please contact Mo Hourani should you need support with:

  • Clarification about a task
  • Support with the activities
  • Sharing of the activities
  • Support with self-management
  • Athlete mentoring

Please contact Manal El Kaii should you need support with:

  • Sports Training Plans
  • Signing up for synchronous activities
  • Scheduling clarification

Please contact ACS IT Department should you need support with:

  • Technical Issues

Scheduling Participation

  • Students will be participating in a selection of Daily Challenges, Co-Curricular Activities, and Sports training sessions. There will be a selection of our regular Co-Curricular Activities available to our student-participants. Athletic opportunities will be reduced to individual training skills and fitness sessions.
  • Students will be able to engage in daily challenges, weekly ASAs, and Athletic/sports training sessions 3 times per week. These programs will be grouped by grade level 1-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12.
  • Sessions will be broken down into the following weekly time parameters.
  • All of the activities are optional, and student-participants may try as many as they like, and may opt in or out from week to week and day to day.

Activity Type and Frequency

Daily Challenge (5 times per week) | 5-15 minutes

Co-Curricular Activity (1 time per week) | 30-45 minutes

Sports Training (2 times per week) | 60-90 minutes

Daily Schedule

ACS DL ASA Team will continue to provide opportunities for student participants to be balanced and healthy. When student participants are building their schedules, they should be mindful of keeping that balance and selecting daily challenges, co-curricular activities, and sports sessions as necessary.

This provides an excellent opportunity for student participants to develop their self-management skills of organization, time-management, prioritization, and accountability.

Student-Participants’ Engagement

  • Distance learning requires student-participants to be active participants in learning opportunities.
  • Occasional surveys may be sent to measure participation.
  • Some activities will be built with the ability to interact and share with others.
  • Activities that do not have uptake will be removed.
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