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Athletic Codes of Conduct

Participants are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to reflect credit on themselves, ACS and the school community. Participants will be positive role models in the school. Appropriate language, respectful behavior, and responsibility must be reflected in all the participants' actions.

    • I cooperate with my coach, my teammates & my opponents
    • I applaud all good plays (of my own team & that of my opponents)
    • I work hard for my team and give 100%
    • I treat all players as I would like to be treated
    • I always respect the official's’ decision
    • I always compose myself
    • It’s fun to be around my team, my coach, and me

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Participation in the Athletic Program is a privilege that is earned by maintaining both acceptable academic achievement in the classroom and exhibiting the qualities of respect and responsibility.

Participation in ACS events will be extended only to those who meet the standards of eligibility established by the host organization (e.g. NESAC / ISTA / MUN) and the school.

All students have the privilege to participate, however the school is not required to allow participation unless the student meets and maintains the criteria discussed in this handbook.

Perspective participants are reminded that the sports / activities are competitive, designed to serve those students who meet, and continue to meet, high standards of skill, performance, self-discipline, sportsmanship and conduct.

Students may be provided with two strands of sport in which to participate (when possible). Students can participate in the Intramural and / or tryout for the competitive strand.

  • Intramural / Developmental Program – Skill level development and intramural matches will be the focus. This program is developed for the student that just wants to participate not at the competitive level, and/or is not able to dedicate themselves to the increased commitment at the competitive level.
  • Competitive Program – Increased level of student expectations, responsibilities, commitment, attendance, dedication, travel, housing, skill and behavior are required. Coaching staff will determine roster.

Role Models

  • All students who become members of an ACS athletic team are expected to be positive role models for the entire student body of ACS. 
  • All athletes are to display the utmost in maturity, self-discipline and positive role modeling at all times.
  • AC Knights are expected to have exemplary participation, behavior and dedication in all Physical Education classes.


Students that choose to participate in the competitive program must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Attendance – athletes are not to exceed their specific allowed absences.
  • Academic – athletes are expected to be working to their potential, keeping up with homework, assignments, attending extra help if needed.
  • Ambassadorship – athletes are to demonstrate their ability to represent ACS, their coach, team, parents, community and country in a positive manner.
  • Service – athletes are to fully participate in their teams’ service project (when applicable).
  • Physical Education work ethic – athletes that are selected to represent ACS are expected to be a leading example of dedication, determination and effort in their physical education classes. Athletes that do not fulfill this expectation may forfeit their athletic participation.

Health, Nutrition & Safety

All students are to maintain a healthy lifestyle during their sport season.

Students should do the following:

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Drink plenty of water


  • Is NOT to be worn for safety purposes
  • Earrings that can not be removed from ears must be covered by tape


Athletes are to refrain from using protein supplements, glutamine, creatine or any muscle enhancing product.

These items can be dangerous to a young person’s body. These items should only be used if prescribed by a medical doctor.

Team Selection

The Middle School Athletic & Activities program maintains a “no-cut” policy and will do its best to accommodate everyone.

The High School Program has a select number of slots depending on the sport. Athletes may be required to go through a tryout process. 

The following guidelines will be used in selecting teams:

  • The student’s skills & potential
  • The student’s ability to travel
  • The number of practice sessions attended
  • Commitment and attitude
  • The student’s academic achievement
  • The number of available positions on the team

Team Roster

  • Official quantity of players for NESAC tournaments

Practice Roster

  • Coaches may select additional students—over and above the permitted NESAC guidelines for each team—in order to produce a Practice Roster.
  • A student athlete may be moved from the Practice Roster to the Team Roster if a student on the Team Roster becomes ineligible.
  • Students who are placed on the Practice Roster are considered to be a part of the team and therefore follow all rules and regulations that apply, however, they may not be eligible to travel.
  • Students can be dropped from the team due to poor attitude, unsportsmanlike behavior, lack of effort, not showing for practice.
  • Once the coach selects his/her team, the names of the players will be sent to the Athletic Director who will then check the academic status and the discipline record of the students.


Practice Time

Athletes on all teams (except Cross Country) are expected to be at practice during the set practice time, as well as, all weekend / day games / tournaments.


Students that are absent from the school day may not participate in after school athletic activities on the day of their absence.

Exception - unless students are on a school-sponsored trip, excursion, project or activity.

Students and parents are asked to make every effort to schedule medical appointments, family trips, makeup assignments, projects, tests, etc., around team practice/game times.

Contact the Athletic Director if your situation is not covered above.

Absent from Practice

Absences - There are no excused absences in Athletics. Students are either present or absent with or without reason.

Athletes will be provided with a number of “absences”, they can use during their season. This will allow an athlete to manage his or her own absences. They can be used for medical, sick, homework, extended-day, tests, travel, etc.

  • Middle School = 2 absences per season
  • High School = 3 absences per season

Athletes that miss their 4th practice are not eligible to travel (may vary due to the length of season).

Athletes must inform their coach (preferred communication dependent on the coach) if they are going to miss a practice, prior to the practice (asking a fellow athlete to tell the coach is not acceptable).

Academic Absences

Athletes are asked to be responsible students and refrain from using practice days for make-up exams, labs, projects, incomplete homework.

Students that are absent from practice, or arrive late, choose to use one of their Excused Absences.

Administrative Excused Absences

Athletes may request additional absences (administrative excused absence) for extenuating circumstances (death in family, visa issue, cancelled flights, etc.)

Students who overextend their extracurricular commitments may be granted an administrative excused absence for extreme circumstances (band performance, MUN, Drama, etc.) 

Administrative Excused Absences must be pre-approved by the Athletic Director and the Coach and do not guarantee a position on the team upon return.

Sick and in School

Students that attend school are expected to attend practice and contribute in any manner possible.

Students that attend school, but do not attend practice, are considered absent.

Dropping a Sport

After team and practice rosters are determined, students who drop (quit) their sport/team will jeopardize their future eligible for sport participation in subsequent and future sport seasons.

Students can apply for reconsideration (see section on reconsideration).

Violations and Reconsideration

Administration (Athletics Director, Coach, Principal, and/or School Director) will review the circumstances surrounding a major violation.

The outcome of this review may result in a student being excluded from all activities for the remainder of the season, semester, or school year. Depending on the circumstances, a student may also be suspended or excluded from school.

Travel Restrictions due to a high number of ‘R’s must also go under the appeal process.


Students that find themselves ineligible due to academics, participation or discipline issues may apply for Eligibility Reconsideration.

Eligibility Reconsideration

  • Includes a personal statement and signatures of the Athletic Director, Coach and Parent.
  • A committee consisting of the Athletic Director, Coach and / or Principal / Vice-Principal, will review the eligibility petition.
  • Eligibility Reconsideration forms are available from the Athletic Director.

Athletic Department Academic Support

Athletics can be a means of providing positive reinforcement for student athletes in order to improve in the classroom.

Teachers can request coaches to assist in motivating the student athlete with issues regarding the completion of homework and assignments to behavioral issues.

Teachers can rely on the support of the coaches and athletic program to improve classroom performance of student athletes through the following possible means:

  • Coaches can mentor student athletes to complete homework assignments and prepare for tests.
  • The Athletic Director will make the final determination in a student’s eligibility status after informing the administration.

Practice Apparel

  • All students are to wear the practice shirt or and all other official ACS practice wear.
  • All clothing should not be revealing and worn in a respectful manner.
  • Students who wear a hijab are required to use those especially made for sport.

Safety gear is mandatory for each specific sport. Students that do not wear properly the mandatory safety gear are not permitted to participate in drills:

  • Sport goggles or contacts instead of glasses
  • Soccer: socks and shin guards
  • Volleyball: knee pads
  • Rugby: mouth guards

Personalized Team Clothing / Team Items

Personalized clothing items are restricted to items that are worn out of the competitive environment. Typically, such clothing items may include t-shirts, casual tops or pants. All personalized clothing will be created and ordered through the Athletic Office and will be purchased by the AD Office 3-4 weeks prior to each NESAC tournament. Students and/or parents will receive an email to purchase various items.

Uniform Replacement Fee

  • Student athletes will be assigned a number uniform for the season.
  • Students are responsible to return their uniforms at the end of each season.

The replacement cost for a lost kit will be charged the replacement fee of the uniform, cresting and shipping charges. As well as any additional expenses attributed to the return of the uniform:

  • Jerseys: $100.00
  • Shorts: $50.00
  • Rain Jackets: $100.00
  • Rain Bottoms: $50.00
  • Warm-up Tops: $100.00
  • Warm-up Pants: $50.00
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