Like most independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the total cost to educate a student at ACS Beirut. Support from parents, alumni, grandparents, trustees, faculty, staff and friends is crucial for the school to maintain excellence in all areas – academics, athletics, fine arts, professional development and facilities. All gifts regardless of size, collectively make a big difference in the quality of education at ACS.

Please join others in making a gift to ACS to support our students today – and into the future.

What is an Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising campaign that helps our school operate at its best. This vital financial support, over and above tuition, enables us to continually strengthen our academic and co-curricular programs, school infrastructure, professional development, and extracurricular activities that are the cornerstone of our students’ educational experience. Everyone in the ACS community, from parents and alumni to faculty and staff, are encouraged to contribute to the Annual Fund each year. This fund is necessary in order to continually provide our students with the optimal environment for success and growth.

Your donations will be restricted to be used towards one of the following projects and will be used within this fiscal year, so you’ll see the benefits and the power of your dollars at work, right away!

What is Scholarships & Financial Aid?

The Scholarships and Financial Aid Funds help ACS maintain a strong and diverse student population. The Financial Aid Fund ensures that no student discontinues their education at ACS for financial reasons. The Named Scholarship Funds provide need-based scholarships to benefit highly qualified students from the diversified communities in Lebanon. This gives them a chance to build a better future for themselves and to give back to their communities. We aim to increase our financial aid by 19% to attract the best and brightest students, regardless of their financial background and give them access to an ACS education.

What is an Endowment?

ACS Endowment helps secure the long-term financial security of the school so that future generations can benefit from an ACS education. Endowed gifts are invested directly, with the generated income used to fund the donors’ specified project. This means that the principal gift is never touched, but continues to generate income in perpetuity. By supporting the endowment, you have the opportunity to make a difference today, with the assurance that your investment will strengthen ACS Beirut and provide future generations with educational excellence.

Why does the tuition increase every year?

Tuition goes up because we need to continually refurbish our facilities, add technology, strengthen our programs, and increase salaries and benefits in order to attract and retain excellent teachers. Salaries and benefits make up the most significant part of our budget, and for salaries to increase; tuition must increase as well.

Why do we hire overseas faculty?

ACS is an American International School with a community of a diverse mix of students, faculty and staff representing over sixty four nationalities. We recruit highly qualified, experienced teachers from Lebanon and from abroad. Recruiting overseas faculty adds to the cultural diversity of our school and fosters global awareness and understanding of other cultures in our classrooms.

Currently we have a good balance of excellent local and overseas teachers with about 1/3 of our teachers are overseas hires. ACS offers competitive salary and benefits package to overseas teachers in accordance with high-level international schools.

ACS Beirut Giving Day is such a wonderful idea. I have professionally grown so much at ACS, but more importantly, I have gained a family. I am happy to give even if it is not a lot.

Jennifer Gutierrez | English Teacher

My donation is a “symbol of believe” in ACS. I am sure that unconditional giving and giving from the heart is contagious and it will lead to a snow ball of donations.

Simon Barakat | Science Teacher

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