Code of Conduct: Treatment of Students

American Community School Beirut recognizes its responsibility in providing for the care and protection of students whose health and wellbeing are of primary concern. Our school is committed to the concepts of outlining, implementing, and holding to standards of excellence in all endeavors.

ACS Beirut is committed to:

  • Providing a safe, supportive, and protective learning environment for children
  • Taking action to prevent reasonably foreseeable harm to students
  • Reporting when an employee reasonably suspects harm or risk of harm to students

Commitments and expectations as an employee at ACS Beirut are to:

  • Provide a safe and secure place of learning for all our students
  • Form professional and positive relationships with students
  • Serve as a positive role model for students by being respectful, kind, enthusiastic, ethical, honest, and fair
  • Engage in open, honest, and respectful communication with students
  • Create a learning environment in which students are encouraged to take risks and express their views
  • Understand the unique developmental needs of students and use this knowledge to guide professional practice
  • Use effective instructional and assessment practices to motivate students and maximize learning
  • Establish clear expectations, with student input, for classroom rules and procedures and use them consistently and fairly
  • Respect both physical and personal boundaries in interactions with students; do not be alone with children unless the door is open and other adult(s) are notified
  • Abide by all policies, procedures, and practices related to child protection and electronic communication/social media
  • Handle concerns appropriately, directly, honestly, and only with those most directly involved; maintain confidentiality

Behaviors not aligned with commitments and expectations of ACS employees and are thus prohibited, resulting in disciplinary actions:

  • Extending personal contact with students beyond school and professional responsibilities
  • Touching or speaking to a student in a sexual, suggestive, or other inappropriate manner
  • Harassing students
  • Inflicting physical or emotional abuse on a student, which may include physical contact, humiliation, ridicule, or threats
  • Smoking/using tobacco products, or possessing/under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances while on campus or while supervising ACS students
  • Providing a child, who is not your own, a ride, without the consent of her/his parent or guardian
  • Engaging in private communications with students (digital or other) except for activities strictly involving school business
  • Using profanity/sexual innuendos in the presence of students
  • Sharing of privileged information about students (demographic, locational, and photographic) outside of school, without written, expressed consent from school administration
  • Exchanging (to/from) gifts with students without parent/guardian consent
  • Providing alcohol, illegal substances, or inappropriate media to students

Disciplinary Actions

Any action inconsistent with this Code of Conduct, or failure to take action as mandated, may result in disciplinary action up to, and including, termination of employment at ACS Beirut.


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