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Multipurpose Spaces (Lab)

Multipurpose Spaces in the Middle School Science Wing have been designed to accommodate various activities based on our students’ learning needs for the three science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. They contain flexible furniture for mobility, two sinks, two safety showers, an eyewash station for safety issues. In addition, the multipurpose spaces are well equipped with suitable materials and devices to elevate student learning to a higher level, provide hands-on learning experiences, and relate their in-class education to real-life situations. The multipurpose spaces allow students to plan and/or run experiments, design their own projects, work in groups, share their work using multimedia tools (such as audio-visual equipment), and build prototypes of solutions to existing problems. These rooms create space for students to practice the five major skills of the 21st century: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. By doing so, the students are actively fulfilling the goal and mission of ACS; to create and nurture the future of our region and the world.


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Multipurpose Spaces (Lab)


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