Project Summary

Investing in an endowed scholarship cements your legacy at ACS and provides future generations the opportunity to attend ACS. These scholarships give the recipients a chance to build a better future for themselves and to give back to their communities.

Administration of the Endowed Scholarship Funds

ACS will deposit gifts for a named scholarship fund into the school’s investment account(s). The funds are commingled with many other endowment gifts, and are professionally managed to ensure proper use and allocation of resources.

Minimum to Initiate an Endowed Scholarship Fund

We will begin a named fund with a pledge of $250,000 and an initial gift of $50,000 toward that pledge. We prefer that the pledge be fully paid within five years.

Student Match

The Scholarship Committee will match each endowed-named scholarship with a student. Our goal is to match the student to a particular scholarship from the time they are admitted to ACS through to their graduation from the school.

Full Endowment - Endowed Scholarship Funds at $250,000 or more

When a fund grows to $250,000, it is considered fully endowed and would provide for at least one scholarship. The fund would also be permanently listed in the Annual Report of Gifts.

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Named Endowed Scholarships

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