Project Summary

Empowering youth through quality education is a social responsibility and priority to the growth of our region. As an outstanding regional educational institution, ACS Beirut has a leadership responsibility to offer need-based named scholarships to incoming students from all educational, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Currently, we seek to admit highly qualified fifth-grade students who demonstrate the character, intelligence, and work ethic that will propel them through college and on to successful futures.

The scholarship program entails a seven-year commitment of $25,000 per year for seven years, for a total pledge of $175,000. The scholarship recipients will start at ACS in sixth grade and continue for seven years until they graduate in twelfth grade.

We invite you to contribute to the future of our country and the world at large by providing young students in Lebanon with an ACS education. Their time at ACS will shape them into leaders of change and growth, both as individuals and representatives of the region at large.

Named Scholarship: $175,000 ($25,000 per year for a seven-year commitment)

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Named Scholarships


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As an expression of gratitude, names of contributors are sometimes listed in ACS publications.

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