Scholarships & Financial Aid

The Scholarships and Financial Aid Funds help ACS maintain a strong and diverse student population. The Financial Aid Fund ensures that no student discontinues their education at ACS for financial reasons. The named scholarship funds provide need-based scholarships to benefit highly qualified students from the diversified communities in Lebanon. This gives them a chance to build a better future for themselves and to give back to their communities.

Named Scholarships
$175,000 $175,000

Scholarships for qualified students from disadvantaged backgrounds who can be successful in our programs, and add to the diversity of our community.


Financial Aid Fund
$10,200 $150,000

Financial assistance is awarded to families whose financial circumstances would generally preclude their children from continuing their ACS education.


Palestinian Scholarships Fund
$0 $30,000

Scholarships for Palestinian refugee youth to help them achieve their full potential, both individually and members of the local and global community.


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