Project Summary

With funds from USAID, ACS built the first Outdoor Education & Nature Center of its kind for a school in Lebanon. The Outdoor Education & Nature Center in Deir Al-Qamar is used year-round to enrich students’ knowledge of ecological and environmental issues, help them reconnect with nature, and build respect for the world around them.

The 140m2 multi-purpose facility includes storage space, bathrooms, showers, and a kitchenette, and can be used as an indoor gathering area. Student activities include sleeping in tents, going on nature walks, stargazing and astronomy lessons, engaging in team building activities, and more.

The Outdoor Education Program comes as a part of ACS’ continuous involvement in global issues related to nature and the environment. The school participates in a variety of programs, such as the international US government-sponsored Globe and YouthCan / iEarn projects, IB Environmental Studies courses, Advanced PE and Health course, paper and plastic recycling projects, and many community service projects that focus on building a sustainable environment and preserving endangered wildlife.

Donations to the Outdoor Education Program will help keep our program running successfully by continually maintaining the facility and upgrading the educational and camping equipment.

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As an expression of gratitude, names of contributors are sometimes listed in ACS publications.

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