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Leadership Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in our school. We invite you to apply by filling in the form and uploading your materials below.

All leadership positions require certification, a minimum of two years in an administrative position, and a Degree in Leadership is strongly preferred.

Applications without meeting the minimum requirements will not be considered.

Middle School Principal

We seek an energetic and visionary leader, an educator that has an innovative style in transforming student learning.

The Middle School Principal at ACS Beirut is responsible for the leadership and day-to-day management of the Middle School, while also playing a key role on the school’s School-Wide Learning & Leadership Team. The Middle School Principal, in conjunction with the Assistant Middle School Principal, supports the Head of School in promoting the School’s mission and values to students, parents and staff. The Middle School Principal contributes to the long-term growth of the school while ensuring the delivery of an enriched, impactful and balanced student-centered program designed to challenge and empower students in their early preadolescent and adolescent years.

Main Responsibilities


  • Leads the Middle School by the promotion of ACS Mission and Values, learning and ethos through the day to day interactions with the ACS community.
  • Empowers students, faculty and staff to thrive within the Middle School.
  • Establishes a culture for continuous improvement in the School / Division.
  • Positively contributes to the development and annual reviews of our strategic plan and accreditations objectives, ensuring learning is at the center of planning and resource management.

Teaching and Learning

  • Ensures high quality teaching and learning throughout Middle School.
  • Collects and monitors a range of academic and other data with the aim of improving student progress, teaching and learning.
  • Ensures that all students receive a high quality of education in a safe and healthy school environment.
  • Establishes strategies which secure high standards of behavior and attendance.
  • Monitors, evaluates and reviews classroom approaches and promotes improvement strategies to ensure learning is optimal.
  • Ensures effective orientation of new students and faculty into the Middle School community.
  • Actively promotes well-being programs for students and faculty.
  • Communicates student progress and program effectively to parents.

Building Relationships

  • Builds effective and supportive working relationships with all constituents of the school and wider community.
  • Seeks opportunities to invite parents and other external resources or organizations into the school.
  • Supports community initiatives and attends school events.
  • Communicates effectively and regularly with students, faculty, teachers, colleagues, parents and outside organisations, using all forms of communications and holding regular meetings with individuals or groups as and when required.
  • Develops advocacy and recognition for students and staff.
  • Cooperates and works with relevant agencies to protect the welfare and safeguarding of students.
  • Deals with student and parent complaints and issues in a diplomatic manner.
  • Continually request feedback on their own performance and that of the Division.

Utilizing Resources

  • Leads, motivates, supports, challenges and develops employees to ensure continuous improvement and development.
  • Plans, allocates, supports and evaluates work undertaken by individuals and teams, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Recruits high caliber employees using professional recruitment strategies and in compliance with the school’s Child Protection procedures.
  • Ensures effective fiscal management, and submits, as appropriate, priorities for expenditure in line with the ACS budgeting timetable.
  • Coaches and mentors employees to the highest standard and provides opportunities for growth and individual development.
  • Ensures effective orientation of new employees into Middle School.
  • Ensures that appropriate risk assessments are undertaken, appropriate adjustments made if required and sanctioned prior to events such as: field trips / extracurricular activities /science projects etc taking place.

General Administration and Management

  • Develops and manages efficient systems for the daily operational activities (e.g. standards based reporting, assemblies, parent events, etc).
  • Monitors, evaluates and updates practices and handbooks as appropriate ensuring up to date information and communication.
  • Coordinates a master schedule with the other Principals that meets the needs of students, faculty and parents.
  • Manages information effectively and maintains appropriate records on students, faculty, and curriculum in accordance with best practice.
  • Ensures understanding and implementation of accreditation and review processes.
  • Ensures student progress is clearly reported regularly to parents.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree essential, Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership preferable.
  • Demonstrated middle school experience as teacher and leader.
  • Previous school leadership experience, ideally in an International School preferable.

Personal Qualities

  • Open, collaborative and visible presence leadership style.
  • Ability to quickly build effective and sustainable working relationships with the wider community while sensitive to other cultures and values.
  • Ability to work under pressure, meet tight deadlines and manage unpredictable demands from staff and students.
  • Current in their reading, thinking and portrait of ideas.
  • Quick on the spot decision making process imperative but without deviating from long term aims.
  • Priorities without deviating from longer term aims.
  • Courage and conviction of opinions and decisions.
  • Purposeful and responsive influencing style.
  • Excellent prioritising, planning and organising skills.
  • Excellent team working skills.
  • Able to seek advice and support when necessary.
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
  • A good sense of humor.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, CV in English with supporting documents, list of references and contact information including current supervisor, and a recent photograph.


Elementary School Assistant Principal

Job Summary

The Assistant Principal is a critical member of the Elementary Academic Team. This position involves management and leadership responsibilities that compliment that of the Elementary Principal. The Assistant Principal works closely with the Elementary Principal to define responsibilities so as to effectively address the educational goals and initiatives of the Elementary School.

S/he promotes a positive image, the school's mission and fosters a welcoming environment. S/he handles information in strict confidentiality.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Recognizes that effective partnerships are characterized by clearly defined responsibilities, a shared commitment to collaboration, open lines of communication, mutual respect, and a common vision of the goals to be reached.
  • Keeps informed of recent developments in the elementary education and child development and models those qualities that s/he hopes to develop in the faculty.
  • Supervises Student Teacher Program in Elementary School.
  • Coordinates services between the school, parents and the school’s transportation provider.
  • Assumes primary responsibility for disciplinary issues that rise to the administrative level.
  • Coordinates and oversees MAP testing and data analysis of student assessments and evaluations.
  • Coordinates various events in order to support student learning.
  • Supervises Teaching Assistants and their growth and evaluation process.
  • Maintains communication between the Elementary School and the Facilities and Operations Department in order to support student learning.
  • Assumes primary responsibilities for all aspects of emergency procedures related to the Elementary School.
  • Participates fully and leads committees at divisional and school-wide level.
  • Engages in other related duties as assigned.

Faculty & Staff

  • Ensures with principal that new faculty receive orientation and sufficient support to work effectively and with confidence.
  • Collaborates with the principal to improve learning through class visits, discussions with teachers, using the school’s supervision and evaluation model.
  • Models for the faculty high standards of professional behavior.
  • Collaborates with the Principal to conduct professional learning for the faculty.


  • Helps students make responsible choices while developing an understanding of the consequences of personal actions.
  • Creates opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging to and responsibility for multiple communities.
  • Participates as a member of the Elementary Student Support Team to implement accommodations and interventions that help meet the needs of all students.


  • Clearly and fully represents the school’s philosophy, program, and practices to parents, encourages dialogue that clarifies parental expectations and aspirations for the student.
  • Is accessible to parents and models candid and open dialogue.
  • Actively engages parents as partners in the education of their children.
  • Suggests effective ways for parents to support the educational process.
  • Communicates with the ACS community through established channels.

Administrative Team

  • Attends and participates in administrative meetings and other scheduled meetings.
  • Actively participates in school-wide learning and leadership teams.
  • Works cooperatively with the other administrators in carrying out all duties and responsibilities of the school.



  • Master’s Degree, preferably in Educational Leadership.


  • 2 years of leadership experience or equivalent.
  • 5 years total experience in elementary education.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, CV in English with supporting documents, list of references and contact information including current supervisor, and a recent photograph.


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