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Middle School Assistant Principal

Key Responsibilities and Criteria for Candidates


  • Develops a strong link both academically and behaviourally with the Elementary School, allowing for a smooth transition of students into the Middle School. 
  • Plans, develops, and oversees the MS student character development program: to complement and continue the progress already in place at the Elementary School. 
  • Develops a clear and articulated link of house objectives, student character development program, student advisory program, and age-appropriate recess activities.
  • Coordinates house activities as they relate to fundraisers and individual house activities and promotes team-building inter houses activities.
  • Develops a parent awareness program to parallel the student character development program.
  • Studies and designs a parent volunteer program that promotes parent-student interactions that are positive and meaningful, academically and socially.
  • Articulates with MS Faculty student outcomes and assessments based on the AERO Standards and Benchmarks in identified subject areas at each grade level in coordination with the ES and HS Curriculum. 
  • Designs and implements student extracurricular academic programs to enrich and/or support at-risk students.
  • Attends all MS-related events and participates in the planning if needed.


  • Facilitates and maintains an advisory program.
  • Demonstrates integrity, trustworthiness, fairness as well as equity in dealing with others.
  • Works closely with students and parents and maintains confidentiality.
  • Creates a vital relationship with teachers, students, and parents.
  • Is committed to building community within the middle school and ACS.
  • Is committed to character education and the development of students with a sense of respect and responsibility.
  • Establishes and models high expectations for students’ achievement and behavior.
  • Is able to work with individuals and groups.
  • Develops a safe and trusting working environment.
  • Stays well-informed and remains professionally renewed.
  • Promotes understanding of what brain research shows for MS students academically and socially.
  • Promotes best practices in brain-based learning and student development.
  • Understands differences for each age within the MS and differences between girls and boys.
  • Develops classroom and parent presentations that support ACS Middle School initiatives.
  • Works with specialists in the community when the need arises.
  • Performs administrative and support functions in order to meet the needs of the middle school.



  • M.A. degree or above. 


  • A minimum of 5 years teaching experience.
  • Experience in school leadership.
  • Demonstrated understanding of developmental stages and needs of students ages 10 to 15. 
  • Demonstrated experience and understanding of Curriculum Development.

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