At long last, we are very pleased to welcome you to a first look at our new, responsive, and vastly improved ACS Website. We hope you will enjoy the visuals, videos, user-friendly registration and sign-up forms, call-to-action interactive buttons and icons, secure online payment solutions, and most importantly, the ease of navigating through all the information you will find here.

Our recently hired, passionate and talented Webmaster, Hasan Al-Masri, has worked tirelessly with ACS web service provider (Finalsite) to pull this all together under the oversight of Deputy Head of School, Karim Abu-Haydar. There is still more to be added, but when school starts up again in September, all will be in readiness for you. Right after September, Hasan will maintain, update, and upgrade our website regularly. Please do not hesitate to contact him for suggestions and support.

In the past two weeks we have graduated 68 seniors in our magnificent Class of 2016, celebrated 83 eighth graders in our talented Class of 2020, and promoted 81 fifth graders in what will become our distinguished Class of 2023. We head in to summer break after an excellent 112th year at ACS. I am proud of all our accomplishments and particularly our challenge and support for each of our students.

I wish everyone in the ACS community well and want you to know what a pleasure it has been to serve as your Head of School for the past three years!

Hamilton Clark
Head of School

June 2016

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