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Welcome Note

Welcome to the fifteenth annual Lebanese Model United Nations (LEBMUN), hosted by the American Community School Beirut! On behalf of the Secretariat of LEBMUN’18, we would like to welcome you to our conference occurring from February 23rd to February 25th at the ESCWA.

As our MUN conference celebrates a decade and a half of excellence in Lebanon and the greater Middle East, we hope that this year’s conference provides the best experience possible to all attendees, and that everyone leaves with a renewed hope in a brighter future.

In order to achieve the purpose of promoting and facilitating the growth of the world’s emerging leaders, we hope that this website provides all delegates and their respected advisors with all the details regarding our conference.

For the fifteenth year in a row, the longest out of any MUN program in the country, LEBMUN’18 continues to be a maverick in pushing the boundaries of what some may consider an in-school activity. While the conference has been traditionally held in AUB, for the first time ever, delegates from both within Lebanon and internationally will convene for three days in the Headquarters of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). Within the walls of ESCWA’s conference halls, we look forward to transcending the yoke of the usual school environment. In this year’s conference, delegates from all over the world will get the chance to meet, discuss, compromise, and resolve the world’s most pressing issues in an actual UN Headquarter, elevating the intensity of debate and serving as the embodiment of cooperation and conflict resolution.

In addition, LEBMUN’18 continues to innovate as it introduces this year’s six forums: The General Assembly (GA), The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), The Ad Hoc GA Committee on Middle Eastern Security (MEC), The International Criminal Court (ICC), The Security Council (SC), as well as The Human Rights Council (HRC) for the first time in a LEBMUN conference. In addition to being able to participate in one of the aforementioned council, delegates will have the chance to listen in on two keynote speeches delivered by experts in their respective fields.

As per annual tradition, this year’s conference will be focused around a theme. After serious consideration, the theme for LEBMUN’18 is “Nation and State Building”. The meaning behind the theme is two fold: Not only does the theme address issues of disenfranchisement, wherein certain ethnic, religious, political, or social groups are underrepresented in political institutions, or in extreme cases, left out completely. Injustices like this are the precursors to authoritarian rule in which the minority group suffers from a state of perpetual apartheid, or can lead to radicalization within the disenfranchised population as they take up arms in hopes of securing their basic human rights. The former can be easily seen through the troubled Palestinian-Israeli question or the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar while the latter can be seen through the early Sunni-led insurgency against the US Invasion of Iraq, remnants of which would become modern day ISIS. As such, the scope of most topics will be geared towards creating inclusive and representative government institutions to ensure equal opportunities for all citizens.

The second dynamic of the theme addresses the issue of ensuring that states have the physical capability to retain sovereignty over their own territories. By extension, that means having the necessary abilities to protect and provide for the people that inhabit the entirety of the country. When it comes to natural disasters, it is the state’s responsibility to construct physical deterrents and implement relief efforts that can check the increased intensity of natural disasters in our modern day and age. For Lebanon, the theme entails that the government must be able to build the state around itself, thereby highlighting the fact that Hezbollah, at times, acts as an independent offshoot of the government as opposed to a uniform and equal member, possibly undermining its sovereignty.

As members of LEBMUN’18, it is our collective duty to approach these issues with an open mind, to always consider opposing viewpoints and to move forward together, putting the grievances of the past behind. Out of the chaos we have all come to know around us, there burns the embers of change and hope, of security and stability, and of unity and cooperation. When we work towards the common dream of a better future for the forthcoming generation, the embers light a spark. Remain optimistic and driven that this spark will shine the way forward as we all emerge from years of conflict, embracing each other, walking hand in-hand towards a brighter future.

On behalf of the entire LEBMUN’18 Secretariat Team, I thank you for your interest in our conference. I hope to see all of your eager and excited faces this coming February as we all share the experience that is LEBMUN’18.

Daniel Harrich
Secretary General

Haya Ghandour
Deputy Secretary General

Dhari Al Saleh
Chief of Staff

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