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Financial Aid Program

The School

ACS is an international school with a unique history of more than one hundred years and a dynamic future. With its rich mélange of cultures and religions, social classes and cultural backgrounds, pasts and futures, it creates for students a world of acceptance and mutual support. No matter who they are or what their backgrounds are, ACS students play together on the soccer team, raise money for a sister school, perform in a musical, or collaborate on a project. Those fortunate enough to be part of this rare community are, indeed, enriched by the experience.


The Financial Aid Program at ACS reflects a commitment to maintain a strong and diverse student population and to contribute to the support of deserving students whose families demonstrate a need for tuition assistance.

The Challenge

At a time when many industries have been affected by the global economic crisis, the regional conflicts, and the dramatic drop in oil prices, a number of formerly well-to-do families are finding themselves in need of external support. ACS is committed, through its financial aid program, to do everything possible to ensure that no student discontinues his/her education for financial reasons. Through the support of our generous donors, we work hard to offer some level of financial aid for all eligible students.

Meeting the Challenge

We must increase our level of support for deserving students in order to meet the current demand. We need additional funds to help those students who have demonstrated their potential to succeed here, but who simply do not have the means to attend. There is a number of outstanding students with significant needs who could thrive at ACS and whose lives could be changed for ever if their was financial aid available to meet their need.

An Invitation

Generous donors of years past have helped make the American Community School at Beirut the outstanding educational institution it is today. The teaching and mentoring that goes on here is second to none, and the education we can offer is coveted by many. Now we must take steps forward to ensure that this education is available to all who seek it.

We invite you to join us in supporting ACS’s student scholars by making a gift to the Financial Aid Program at the American Community School at Beirut. We thank you for your interest in supporting talented and needy students and helping to change their lives for the better.

Act Now

Changing the life of a student is the greatest return on investment. If you would like more information or want to discuss our financial aid program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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