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Parents who wish to enroll their child(ren) in the bus service for 2020-21 are kindly requested to read the terms and conditions, and fill out the Online Registration Form below.

For a change of address request, complaints, or any other inquiries about the bus services, please call Mr. Jean Fachkha (01-762641 - 03-377466), or Mrs. Soha Houry (01-762651), or Mr. Reslan Atallah (01-762640 - 03-090929). You may also contact us via e-mail:

Terms and Conditions

  • All students will be at school before 8:00 am and will leave school at 1:30 pm. There is no bus service after the mentioned hours.
  • Students must wait for the bus at the specified pick-up point 5 minutes before pick-up time.
  • Buses will remain outside apartment buildings. They will enter neither building parking nor alleyways with no through roads. Bus monitors are not authorized to leave the bus in order to use the building interphone.
  • No adult or friend is allowed to accompany the student on board. Seats are assigned by the bus monitor.
  • Students on board must follow instructions at all times. No shouting, fighting, vulgar language, drinking (except for water), eating, smoking, running, or playing on the bus is permitted.
  • Students must keep limbs and head inside the bus at all times, and keep the seat belts on.
  • Any damage to the bus, caused by a student, especially a seat fabric, will be reported to parents who will be responsible for repair costs. School management will also be notified.
  • All misbehavior by students will be reported to ACS management. Repeated offenses will exclude the student from riding the bus without any refund.
  • The bus fee is due in 3 installments. The first payment upon completing registration, for the amount of $750. Second payment by the end of November 2020, for the amount of $750. Third payment, the remaining amount by the end of February 2021. Payment should be in USD, and payment in LL is accepted based on the exchange rate of LL 3,900.
  • Allo Transport Account Info:

Bank Name: Credit Libanais SAL
Ashrafieh - Sausalito Bldg - Zahret El Ihsan Street, Beirut, Lebanon.
Account Number: 0011-245455-004 USD
Account Number: 0011-245455-015 LBP
IBAN: LB30 0053 00CA USDO 0112 4545 5004
IBAN: LB27 0053 00CA LBPO 0112 4545 5015

      • Kindly send a copy of the transfer mentioning the name of the student to
      • The 20% discount from last year will be deducted from the second payment.

  • The below rates are fixed for the academic year. Any modification will be communicated in advance.
  • Failure to register and/or pay required transportation fees on time will result in delay or cancellation of transportation services.
  • After using the bus service for two weeks, a student is liable for the whole yearly bus fees; no refund is made for any reason.
  • In case we do not have at least 10 riders to certain areas (Line C and Line D - Jiyeh, Rmayli, Awkar, Antelias, and Mansourieh), we reserve the right to cancel the service with a full refund.

Our Allo Bus teams are following COVID-19 procedures: students’ thermometer control before picking up the bus, taking into consideration the safety measures, and social distancing inside the bus with a capacity of 50%. Sitting on separated seats, respecting the social distancing measures in addition to interior sterilization for all buses on a daily basis.

We reserve the right to make further changes to the Terms and Conditions with the agreement of ACS management.

Lines & Fees

Lines Available - Round Trip
1st Payment
2nd Payment
3rd Payment

Line A : Achrafieh, Mina El-Hosn, Ras El-Nabee, Mazraa, Ramlet El-Baida, Verdun, Hamra and Rawsheh





Line B : Bir Hassan, Jnah, Forn El-Chibak, Sin El-Fil and Chiyah





Line C : Mansourieh, Hazmieh, Jal El-Dib, Antelias, Jdaideh, Baabda and Lwaizeh





Line D : Dawha, Jiyeh, Rmayli, Awkar and Rabieh





* One-way service is 75% of two ways price
* 5% discount will be applied on rates for second child or more, on two ways only

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