Community Service Projects

Children’s Cancer Center Volunteers

The main activity is visiting children who are patients at the Children’s Cancer Center in Beirut. We work with the Children’s Cancer Center, AUBMC, Hariri Hospital, and Makassed Hospital. We are planning to visit Geitawi Hospital as well. This is a student-led, community service activity. Currently, we have 24 volunteers. We plan activities for the children and go to the hospitals during the co-curricular block in order to be with them. In addition, we work to raise awareness of cancer diseases in children, and we also organize fund-raising events. We've made significant donations for the treatment of some needy patients.

Bridges to Ability and Building Community

Bridges to Ability co-curricular is run by Mrs. Nadine Haje. ACS Students visit Mohamad Khaled Center for children with cerebral palsy and ECIL center for children with disabilities. Our students play with the kids showing too much love and care. Check out this short video because words cannot express the compassion, care, interaction and responsibility that our students showed towards the students with physical and mental disabilities at Sesobel.


Adopt an Orphan

A co-curricular run by two Arabic teachers, Mrs. Ariss and Mr. Saidoun. This is indeed a great experience for ACS students who get to make needy children smile. These kids are technically not orphans, but their parents cannot afford to raise them. Those needy children go to a school that educates, feeds, and gives them a place to sleep. This stable and safe environment is 'Dr. Mohamad Khaled Social Foundation', where kids of ages four to six attend school and/or live in the dormitories.

We prepare activities indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather. In addition to that, we entertain and keep the kids active as they need to smile, giggle and love life. ACS students do their best to draw a smile on their face.


ACS Beirut recycling students go once per cycle all around the campus to collect papers and empty the recycling boxes.

Empowered Youth

A project that was started by a group of ACS students with girls (ages 9-12) from Burj El-Barajneh camp, a Palestinian and Syrian refugee camp on the outskirts of Beirut. Those girls have passion for soccer, but don’t get to play very often. For this reason, we started this community outreach project in which we help them improve their soccer skills and abilities.

We discuss topics such as girl’s empowerment and social justice. We also do different social activities so that we can build an atmosphere of trust and honesty. In addition, the girls know some English and many of them are determined to become fluent. Thus, we try to help them practice English, and for some of us, where Arabic is not our first language, that interaction helps improve our Arabic language! Our main goal, other than coaching soccer, is to create bonds with the girls so they feel surrounded by a community that truly cares about them.

Sister School

At the beginning of the school year, a group of ACS students visit couple of less fortunate schools, and choose one to help. Our students work on fundraising to fulfill the needs and then visit their sister school few times per year to offer support.

Inaash Center

ACS students visit the Inaash Center twice a week (Monday and Saturday) to work with children refugees (tutoring and art activities).

Lebanese Food Bank

Lebanese Food Bank is a cooking project where we go once a month to cook for homeless old people.

Rifaq Aldarb

This is where we support and offer friendship to the most deprived people of our society. We focus, particularly, on elderly people who have no family around to take care of them.

Hoopful Hands

Hoopful Hands is aimed at spreading the joy and passion of playing basketball to underprivileged Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian youth living in Lebanon. We believe that basketball can have a positive impact not only on the physical and mental health of these children, but also encourages them towards social change in their daily lives, and eventually, in their communities.

Started by two high school students in 2013, the program gathers children from different backgrounds to play together every Sunday within the school year. They are coached at our very own ACS basketball court.

Nasma Center

Nasma is a learning and resource center for students in public schools (Ras-Beirut) that provides an alternative to hanging out on the streets after school. It is a place where members can be tutored, learn computer skills, or just hang out and watch movies in the video club.

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