ACS Health Policies


If a student is absent for more than three consecutive days, he / she has to bring in a doctor’s report stating the health problem, the intervention taken and the treatment required. Divisional offices should inform the concerned nurse regarding any illness related absences. If a student shows signs and symptoms of a communicable disease, parents are to notify the school nurse within 24 hours.

Accidents and First Aid

All students injured during school time are seen by the school nurse. Parents will receive a call if their child has visited the infirmary with a serious injury. Frequent office visits head concussions, and fracture injuries are reported by the school nurse to the designated principal and parents.

In case of a major injury that necessitates further medical treatment, the nurse or designee will accompany the injured child to the hospital after contacting the parents, School Principal and Head of School.

A school emergency vehicle is kept available during regular school hours and on most after school activities (Monday through Friday) in case of accidents that require further medical treatment.


Parents of students with known allergies to food, medication, or any other allergen must inform the school nurse at the beginning of every school year specifying the type of allergy, the symptoms manifested during an allergic reaction, treatment the student responds to, and emergency contact numbers.

Healthy Eating Habits

Students who are healthy and well-nourished will have enough energy to take them through a full day of school activities. Breakfast is an important meal for fueling the body since it has had no food during the night. Parents should make sure that their children have adequate time to eat a proper breakfast every day before going to school. It is strongly recommended that students do not bring sweets, chips, or other types of high sugar and salty food as snacks. High energy and carbonated soft drinks are not permitted. Students should bring their own drinking water bottle to school labeled with their name on it.

A bake sale is a planned event for a charitable purpose which is prearranged by students and supervised by their teacher. For this purpose, teachers need to inform their Principal and the school’s cafeteria beforehand to plan for the food or sweets arrangement. It is crucial that the items of the bake sale do not contain nuts and its derivatives as their ingredients to evade allergic reaction in students with food allergies.

Exclusion Policy

Students with common cold (sneezing, runny nose, nasal obstruction, sore throat, or mild general symptoms like headache) do not necessarily have to be absent from school. Many illnesses stop being contagious shortly after treatment is started. Ultimately, the school nurse will decide when an acutely ill student meets the exclusion criteria.

Insurance Program

ACS students are insured against accidents during school days, school sponsored activities, and trips. A declaration insurance form is completed by the responsible person when an accident takes place. This form is available at the PE Office, the School Infirmary, the Business Office, First Aid kits, and the school’s emergency vehicle. This form is not to be photocopied or handed out to coaches.
ACS covers the follow up care needed for each case; however will not cover for pre-existing or chronic conditions.
All ACS employees are covered for work related accident during school days. The injured employee needs to notify the Business Office and fill out a work - accident insurance form before the initiation of any medical treatment.


Students should not wear jewelry to school. A bracelet, necklace, or earrings that dangle may become a health hazard when the students are at play.

Life Threatening Issues

Life-threatening issues include, but are not limited to, eating disorders, suicidal ideation and/or plan, child abuse and neglect. Students with symptoms of these conditions will be referred to the counselor and the nurse. The Principal will be notified immediately. A meeting will be held involving the Principal, the Counselor, and the Nurse to formulate an action plan and a timeline for follow-up. A case manager will be appointed and parents/guardians will be informed of the issue and directed to seek immediate professional intervention.

Parents will be required to keep the case manager informed of contacts between the student and the outside care provider, and to facilitate information sharing between the provider and the school.

Obligation to Report

ACS is dedicated to the goal of protecting our students from any harm to their well-being. Therefore all ACS employees are mandated to immediately report to an ACS counselor or Principal of any suspicion or facts known to them of any student that has been physically, sexually, verbally abused, and neglected on/off ACS campus. In addition, any suspicion or facts known of alcohol/drug abuse on/off campus must also be reported to an ACS Counselor or Principal. The investigation of any report will be conducted under strict confidentiality to protect all persons involved.

Student Physical Screening

All new students and students in KG II, grades 2, 4, 6, and 8 receive a physical screening to check for any conditions related to vision, dental health, height/weight, and vital signs. After students are checked, the findings are sent home to parents with recommendations as needed. If a health problem is suspected, a referral will be given to the parent.

Vaccination and Immunization

For immunization recommendations, ACS follows the guidelines of the American University of Beirut - Medical Center, Pediatric Department, which is based on the American Pediatric Association and the Lebanese Ministry of Health.

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