Health Services

Health services at ACS are provided by two licensed registered nurses to meet the community’s needs. They are present on campus during regular school days. The two health offices are fully equipped with over-the-counter medications, beds to rest in, medical equipment, physical screening tools, and first aid supplies.

Medicine FormImmunization Record

The role of the School Nurse is to promote health by
  • Encouraging a healthy environment for the school community.
  • Educating the school community on relevant medical news and updates.
  • Preventing and controlling the spread of illness.
  • Maintaining the provision of food services at school in a healthy nutritious plan.
When to keep your child at home
  • Fever when the temperature is at or above 38 degree Celsius. The student has or had one episode of fever during the previous 24-hour. Please keep at home until fever subsides without the use of any fever reducing medicine.
  • Diarrhea & Vomiting the student needs to stay home for 48 hours after the diarrhea and vomiting have stopped.
  • Chicken Pox 5 days from onset of rash and until all lesions are crusted.
  • Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis may be viral or bacterial. The student can return to class when the signs and symptoms disappear (usually 3 days) and 48 hours after treatment has been initiated.
  • Head Lice until treatment has been initiated.
  • Impetigo (skin lesions around the mouth area) 48 hours after starting antibiotic treatment.
  • Pinworms until treatment has been completed.
  • Measles 4 days from onset of rash.
  • Mumps 5 days from onset of rash.
  • Rubella 6 days from onset of rash.
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