Daycare Facilities

Bright Beginnings Daycare is located in the BD Building on ACS Campus. We are fortunate to be located in ACS as we have access to the following facilities:

Multi-Purpose Room

The multipurpose room is a dedicated gym space, well-equipped for gross motor activities and games. Equipment includes hoops, parachute, scooter boards, mats, balls of all sizes and much more.

Daycare Playground

When it comes to outside play, we have a beautiful playground, surrounded by trees and green bushes, and free from car pollution. Children enjoy climbing and playing on the equipment, painting on easels or digging away in the sandpit.

Lower School Library

The daycare children visit the lower library once a cycle to enjoy story time with the librarian.

American University of Beirut Campus

The children walk to AUB where we enjoy nature hikes and picnics when weather allows.

Middle School Rabbit Field

This green outside area is located in the Middle School and is a perfect area for outside circle time or story time.

Daycare Classrooms

The daycare is comprised of three self-sufficient classroom units. The children have access to all three rooms where they encounter different atmospheres, toys and hence different play opportunities.

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