Core Values of our Reggio Emilia Inspired Program

All Children are Competent, Curious and Creative

An image of the child as strong, competent, powerful and full of potential. We try to understand and bring out childrens' viewpoints and abilities. We are committed to creating an environment where each child is valued as an intelligent, gifted and unique individual. Children are driven by their interests to understand and know more. A child’s creative expression is seen as his/her way of communicating what he understands about the world around him. Each child is a unique individual with ideas and talents who is able to contribute to the learning experience.

The Hundred Languages of Children

Loris Malaguzzi, founder of Reggio approach, spoke about the “Hundred Languages” through which children can express their ideas. Each child has the capacity to communicate through languages such as music, painting, drawing, clay, collage, imaginative play, movement, dance and many more. All of these Hundred Languages must be valued and encouraged. Children begin to learn that there are multiple ways that they can express their ideas.

Collaboration between Children/Teachers/Parents

Education is a continuous interaction and collaboration between teachers, children and parents. Collaboration increases a child’s commitment to a topic and enriches the learning opportunities by encompassing multiple points of view.

Authentic Art

In art, it is the process not the product that must be focused on. We believe in authentic, original, genuine art. At Bright Beginnings we nurture children’s innate creativity. We value and believe that children are able to create unique, genuine and original art independently!

An Emergent Curriculum that Builds on the Interests of the Children

Children and teachers work together as a team to develop a project. Children initiate activities that grow from personal interests and intentions. Projects are formulated based on experiences, questions, ideas, or observations of the children. Each project is a new adventure. Anything and everything is considered worthy of study, as long as the children are curious about it.

High Value Placed on the Environment and an Emphasis on Nature

The environment is recognized for its potential to inspire children. Outdoor environment is just as important and influential as the classroom. Elements of nature are brought into the classroom, from pinecones and interesting leaves to branches hanging from the ceiling.

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