Lebanese Baccalaureate Programme

The LB Programme is one of the three programs offered by the American Community School Beirut. This programme is offered to students who carry only the Lebanese Nationality or to others who choose to study it.ACS LB Logo

LB students at ACS are first introduced to the LB Programme through Social Studies and Math instruction in grade 8; then the full LB Programme is implemented in grades 9 through 12.

Our results are always as expected specially that the LB Programme at ACS is not selective, in addition to that the LB students have only one choice in grade 12 which is the Life Science track. But with our supporting administration, our professional teachers, and the help of our counselors, we are always able to achieve good results in the external exams.

ACS does not only prepare the LB students to pass their official exams at the end of grades 9 and 12, but it also gives them the opportunity to build up international minds, be independent learners and have the chance to study in different universities, in Lebanon and abroad, after they graduate from ACS.

Rima Zein
Lebanese Baccalaureate Programme Coordinator

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