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Capital Campaign

The American Community School Beirut has a long and proud history of educating children from Lebanon, the United States, and many other countries. Currently, we educate children from 64 different countries and every religious and ethnic group represented in Lebanon. We work hard to have our children learn from each other and we teach them to think critically. As our mission statement suggests, “ACS empowers students to solve problems with creativity and integrity, to lead well-balanced lives, and to serve Lebanon and the world community with understanding and compassion.” We take our charge seriously. Our students are fully challenged in their classes, they contribute thousands of hours of service to their community, and at ACS they become literate life-long learners and involved and interested citizens.

ACS has embarked on a bold step in the construction of its first new and purpose-built building in over 60 years. This affirms the school’s commitment to updating facilities, just the first step in the plan to remodel ACS into a 21st century school where the facilities will match the school’s reputation and mission.

Our beautifully designed new building will solve specific challenges that ACS faces because of our unique urban location. The new building will accommodate four fifth grade classrooms, will house three large music rooms for Elementary, Middle, and High School students, and two Elementary School language classrooms for French and Arabic. Floors 4 to 11 will house two comfortable faculty apartments on each level. The 12th floor will become the living space for the Head of School, and the 13th floor will provide a new school entertainment space with a balcony overlooking the sea. Finally, the roof terrace will house solar panels to produce hot water for the building and a terrace that will become a very popular ACS event space. This new building is attractive, as well as functional, and it provides a wonderful addition to the ACS facilities.

Throughout our 110 year history, ACS has been blessed with individuals who have stepped forward in times of need.

Now, as our buildings and facilities have aged, we need a new generation of parent and alumni philanthropists to step up and say,

“ We Will ”

Capital Campaign Support

We look to our supporters to join us in saying:

“We will help to modernize and improve the ACS facilities.”

“We will help to renovate the playgrounds.”

“We will contribute to the ACS endowment to support the school and faculty.”

Please help us to preserve the excellence at ACS by saying,

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