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MS Divisional Administrative Assistant

Key Responsibilities and Criteria for Candidates

  • Ensures daily attendance of teachers in classrooms and at break and lunch duties.
  • Arranges and monitors short/long-term substitutes’ schedules, and ensures they have the needed lesson plans.
  • Prepares leave/substitute forms, and monthly attendance reports for the Business Office.
  • Maintains and posts information on the Bulletin Board regarding the master schedule for teachers and students. Maintains bulletin boards in the locker area and front office areas.
  • Coordinates assignments of bulletin boards in hallways and monitors them for being up to date, looking professional, etc.
  • Coordinates with the Communications Office to have up-to-date signage in the middle school hallways.
  • Serves as a liaison with community members.
  • Coordinates and follows up with physical plant for events, classroom maintenance, ‘lost and found items, etc. for the Upper School.
  • Completes all student packets and sign-in/sign-out sheets at the beginning and end of the year.
  • Organizes, assigns, and distributes locks and lockers for MS students.
  • Assigns mailboxes for teachers if applicable; receives and distributes upper school teachers’ mail.
  • Distributes report cards, progress reports, and statements of fees, etc.
  • Assists in the sale of MS agenda, locks, and dress code shirts to students throughout the year.
  • Creates and maintains records, filing systems, and archives.
  • Maintains departmental office supplies inventory.
  • Builds relationships with students, staff, and faculty to support the safety and orderly operation of school expectations. 
  • Documents and reports incidents for the purpose of ensuring the availability of information for future reference and/or audit for compliance with established policies. 
  • Intervenes in potential conflicts and emergency situations for the purpose of minimizing disruptions of campus activities and/or injury to involved parties. 
  • Monitors student behavior in various settings during and between assigned periods and checks facilities (e.g. restrooms, hallways, cafeteria, locker rooms, etc.) consistently for the purpose of ensuring student compliance with established guidelines, maintaining a safe and positive learning environment. 
  • Refers incidents, unusual activities, and/or behavior to appropriate site personnel for the purpose of ensuring follow-up in accordance with administrative, site security, and student safety guidelines. 
  • Monitors after-school student traffic inside the school to make sure only students in a supervised activity are on campus. Helps call home if student rides are late for sports or activity pick-up. 
  • Responds to a variety of situations (e.g. injuries, vandalism, suspicious activities, alarms, etc.) for the purpose of taking the appropriate action to resolve immediate safety and/or security concerns. 
  • Monitors hallways, locker areas, lunch rooms, common spaces, athletic areas, and locker rooms on a regular basis. 
  • Develops good relationships with students.
  • Helps design and run some student activities during break and lunch periods (like chalk drawing games, etc.).


  • Associate Degree or Technical / Vocational Training.
  • Good command of English and basic Arabic.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in a similar or transferrable position.

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  • The Carpenter handles all carpentry repairs and maintenance work on/off campus. 
  • S/he assists and works closely with colleagues and responds to requests by the Physical Plant Director.
  • S/he handles information in strict confidentiality.
  • Maintains, repairs, and undertakes all carpentry work on/off campus.
  • Attends to small metal repair and welding jobs.
  • Assists in the various jobs around campus such as tiling, plastering, and minor concrete work.
  • Performs assigned role during fire or emergency evacuation drills.
  • Attends to emergencies.
  • Other duties as required by the position.

Work Schedule

May include reporting to work after-hours, on weekends, and during summer/national holidays.


  • Vocational Technical School Training or equivalent experience.
  • Good reading and writing of Arabic.
  • Basic understanding of the English language.
  • Basic computer skills.


Minimum 3 years in carpentry or related trades.

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