Admissions FAQ

How much does it cost to apply to ACS?

A nonrefundable application fee must be paid to the cashier at the time of application for admission or re-admission. For current information and further details, please check out our Tuition and Fees webpage.

Tuition and Fees

Are Non-Americans admitted to ACS?

ACS welcomes applicants of all nationalities. Currently over 49 nationalities are represented in the student body.

My child is American. Does he/she get an automatic admission?

Admission does not rely on nationality.

Are there any restrictions placed on applicants?

In addition to academic admissibility and prioritization of space, ACS admission policy specifies other criteria for applicants as follows:

  • Students with significant English Language Learning (ELL) needs cannot be admitted to Grades 6 - 12.
  • Applicants for Nursery must be three years old on or before September 30th to enroll.
  • Applicants for Kindergarten I or Kindergarten II must be four or five years old on or before September 30th.

What academic criteria must be met to be admitted to ACS?

ACS seeks to accept applicants who have been successful in their previous schools and who show equal promise of being successful at ACS, after meeting the criteria of admission. Please click here to contact the Director of Admissions should you have specific questions.

What other criteria are necessary to be successful at ACS?

Three key variables for student success at ACS are:

  • Parental support and involvement
  • Student motivation
  • Student organization and study skills

I have heard that sometimes students are placed in a lower grade than they attended in their previous school. Is this true?

Every effort is made to place students in the appropriate grade based on age and academic level. For the majority of applicants, coming from the U.S. or from U.S. - curriculum schools, there is no change of grade level.

Can you serve children with special needs?

The services available for students with special learning needs are limited. To be admitted, students must be able to succeed within the regular grade level academic requirements.

Because careful consideration helps everyone, school records and required forms should be submitted for consideration in advance of your expected date of arrival. Additionally, please click here to contact the Director of Admissions should you have any specific areas of interest or concern.

What Diploma do graduates earn from ACS?

All graduates from ACS earn a U.S. College Preparatory High School Diploma recognized by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

In addition to the U.S. High School Diploma, students can pursue the International Baccalaureate Program or continue with the Lebanese Baccalaureate Program. After grade 10, students may select to participate in the IB Program in one of two ways:

  • As a student undertaking the full IB Diploma
  • As a student taking a package of IB certificate courses

How large are the classes?

The average class size at ACS Beirut is as follows:

  • Early Childhood: 20
  • Elementary School: 18
  • Middle School: 16
  • High School: 18-20/Course

Does ACS award merit-based scholarships?

No, financial aid is need-based only.

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