Roles and Responsibilities

The following are the main roles and responsibilities of the ACS Beirut PC:

  • Developing a more extended relationship between the school administration and the parent body at large.
  • Reflecting and addressing the parents’ concerns with the school administration.
  • Bringing awareness to the parents on school functioning and its philosophy as well as its educational system.
  • Initiating and developing parents' ideas and coordinating these with the relevant administrative offices at the school.
  • Providing feedback and comments from home on social, emotional, as well as educational issues facing the students.
  • Helping to enrich students’ social and educational experience at ACS by engaging in and cheering combined activities between school, students and parents.
  • Supporting fundraising events that provide new equipment and program initiation and promotion and allow the school to grow and advance in the accomplishment of its mission.
  • Using technology on an interactive school website to help parents to stay in touch with the school and community.
  • Helping to establish solid connections and avenues of communication with the community at large, giving the sense of shared goals and aspirations.

The PC does not have a role in the day to day running of the school, and does not deal with personal or individual complaints except as related to general issues of importance to the school.

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