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ACS Beirut Celebrates 20 Years of LEBMUN!
Posted 30/01/2024 01:16PM


The aim of Model UN (MUN) is for students to replicate UN sessions and conferences, and engage in research regarding various nations and topics relevant to today’s world. With heated debates, resolution drafting, and problem-solving, our young student delegates have the opportunity to develop communication skills, confidence, and leadership abilities. ACS MUN students have taken part in local and international conferences and have won several awards for their excellent contributions.

LEBMUN is annually hosted by ACS, with the aim of bringing together new perspectives and schools of diverse backgrounds. This year, over 270 students attended, from 12 different schools across the country.

Students across Lebanon are invited to participate via the Outreach Program, founded in 2021, which is an initiative that provides financial support, training, and funding to local public students of differing socio-economic backgrounds. At least 25 local students were given the funding and opportunity to participate in LEBMUN this year, and ACS hopes to increase this number in the years to come. 

This year, the theme across the board of LEBMUN was “Challenging the Status Quo.” In a world shaped by technological advancements and intense political challenges, taking on creative solutions and thinking outside the box are necessary. With this goal in mind, all committees across the conference focused on topics that integrated discussions on AI, social justice, human rights, and more. 

This year’s conference kicked off with the Opening Ceremony. The conference began with warm virtual welcomes and advice from former ACS Beirut Alumni who participated in MUN. Afterward, Co-Secretary Generals Nazokathon Makhmudova and Haya Ghazale gave introductory speeches. Additional secretariat members, Hasan Dawy and Ryan El-Khayyat also spoke. 

LEBMUN had the honor of hosting keynote speaker, Al Jazeera journalist Zeina Khodr. She shared her words of wisdom regarding her journey as a former ACS alumni, her lessons learned as a journalist in warzones, and concluded with emphasizing the importance of learning at ACS and being in tune with the world around us. Following the opening ceremony, each committee broke off into their respective rooms at ESCWA, and the conference officially began.

During each of the three days of LEBMUN, each committee tackled relevant topics and issues that were assigned by sections. Students formed groups based on the respective nations they were representing and drafted proposals and resolutions in order to solve the topics at hand. They debated their solutions, created amendments, and voted on passing motions and resolutions. In the spirit of reflecting official UN affairs, LEBMUN also incorporated various “Crises” circumstances into each committee, aiming to foster real-time, emergency problem-solving and teamwork abilities.

LEBMUN came to an end with the closing ceremony, where the LEBMUN secretariat members thanked all participants, reminisced on their shared time together, and gave words of encouragement and motivation. Committee Chairs and the Secretariat Team then gave awards to extraordinary delegates and participants in the conference. 

LEBMUN was concluded with a bang of the gavel, officially closing the conference in session! Until next year, ACS MUN!

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