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AI Education Insights: Dr. Manal Jalloul at ACS
Posted 30/01/2024 01:16PM


ACS had the opportunity to host an AI Training by Dr. Manal Jalloul, an Artificial Intelligence specialist, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. Dr. Jalloul is the CEO of AI-Lab, an Artificial Intelligence consultancy and training company focused on Artificial Intelligence, Accelerated Computing, and Data Analytics. In addition, she is a lecturer at AUB and LAU, and has published several works in international journals and conferences. 

Dr. Jalloul is NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute's certified instructor and University ambassador and a member of the advisory board of the International Group of Artificial Intelligence (IGOAI) serving as Lebanon's country advisor. She is also an executive member of the Global AI Ethics Institute expert team which aims to build a strong and fair global governance system for AI. Dr. Jalloul was named among NVIDIA's Top Distinguished Instructors for 2021.

With her impressive track record, Dr. Jalloul has diverse experience regarding technology and development that can be applied to educational spaces. With emerging technologies and AI, students and teachers alike will be facing the positive shifts and challenges that come with this advancement. Dr. Jalloul shared an overview of different AI tools that can be used to assist teachers with tasks in the classroom and beyond. AI is also applicable for student use, with an emphasis on maintaining academic integrity and original work. In the discussion regarding AI use, the topic of ethics was also addressed by Dr. Jalloul. Navigating this topic will involve a joint effort from teachers and administrators in the direction they choose to move forward using AI technology.


Dr. Jalloul also addressed AI tools and resources that are beneficial to fostering student creativity. She also emphasized that incorporating AI should include interactive components and keep students engaged so that learning is fun. 

6 key components of introducing AI to the education sphere include the following:

  • Smart Content 
  • Interactive Tutoring
  • Adaptive Learning Environments
  • Automating and Speeding Up Teachers' Tasks
  • Identifying Teaching Gaps in Classrooms
  • Curriculum Materials 

A big thank you to Dr. Jalloul for her time and resources, and we look forward to learning more about AI technology in future training sessions.

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