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Enriching Perspectives: A Creative Professional Development Day at ACS
Posted 19/01/2024 02:39PM

On January 8th, our faculty and staff participated in a creatively organized professional development day on campus. Contributors from all divisions presented workshops full of knowledge, activities, and skills they had accumulated throughout their careers to provide new perspectives to fellow colleagues. Presentations ranged from sharing leadership approaches and pedagogy in classrooms, DIY projects, and discussions on well-being and health, to even moving around and staying active with drama lessons!

A key goal of community-led professional development is to encourage learning and collaboration through creative means, which is at the heart of what it means to be at ACS. At any stage in a career, there is room for continuous learning.

From laughing and working on vocal skills to getting hands-on and learning about technology, science, and art, our ACS faculty and staff enjoyed their time together before returning to the daily routine that comes with the start of an action-packed spring semester!

To watch our Instagram Reel of the PD Day, please click here.



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