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Community Service Day @ ACS Beirut
Posted 03/12/2023 01:19PM


This November, our 9th and 10th graders attended their biannual service day. Across 8 different NGOs in Beirut, our students dedicated their time to giving back to others and learning about the importance of community engagement. From cooking meals, repurposing recycled materials, playing with underprivileged children, giving company to the elderly, and sorting donation supplies, ACS high schoolers participated in several hands-on activities that also served the purpose of making a difference. For many of these students, it was their first time volunteering and meeting others from different backgrounds. 

At ACS, the high school program places a big emphasis on community service. Particularly, the IB Diploma Program offered at our campus requires students to engage in community service projects in a component called CAS. The CAS requirement is fulfilled with a culmination of volunteer hours and finalizing a student-organized community project at the end of the program.


Outside of the academic additions that community service brings to ACS, giving back teaches our community how to be better leaders and embody core values of responsibility, advocacy, compassion, and creativity. Our students learn concepts of privilege and gratitude, while also giving back to others outside of the classroom environment. Furthermore, these service day projects promote reflection and self-introspection. At the completion of service days and CAS, students are required to look back at how they got involved, how it made them feel, and what inspired action they will take into their future. 

At this year’s service day at the Dr. Mohamad Khaled Foundation – a school for orphaned and underprivileged children – 10th-grade student Daniel reflected that his experience meant a lot to him. He says that he enjoyed his time with these kids and found it very rewarding and nice to come out and do something meaningful. Bella, another 10th-grade student in Daniel’s cohort, added that she learned that there are children the same age as her who are living totally different lives, but are still finding happiness in simplicity. This made her feel grateful for the opportunities that she has in her own life, and like Daniel, she enjoyed the time she spent at the Dr. Mohamad Khaled Foundation.

Reflection and giving back are life-long skills students will need to grow and become better versions of themselves. Getting the chance to introspect and ask bigger questions, while also finding ways to help others through service guarantees that our students will continue striving for excellence during their high school years and beyond.

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