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First 'Fall Day'
Posted 10/12/2018 11:56AM


It was a bright sunny day when the students of the elementary school were out on the green field for Fall Day. Elementary school P.E. teachers, Martin Mugharbil and Stefanie Wainwright, organized the various fun and engaging activities so that students could enjoy a day of sunshine before the weather changes.

The elementary school administration wanted to get the students outside playing games together before the weather turned. Since the elementary students only get to spend time on the ‘the Big Green Field’ a few times a year, Martin and Stefanie decided it would be the perfect venue for the games.

Instead of ‘running’ the show, the two teachers empowered their students to lead the activities and games that they had been taught in P.E. Stefanie said, “By keeping the activities student-centered we enabled them to demonstrate their skills in ways that were authentic to both themselves and the game. We know that mastery is accomplished whenever you can teach what you know, so it was empowering for them to teach the games and skills to their teachers.”

Students enjoyed teaching their classroom teachers how to play the games and everyone enjoyed playing them together. “Having fun, sharing laughs with each other, and building confidence is what Fall Fun Day is all about,” said Martin. During the day, each grade came onto the field for a 45-minute session during which students rotated between different stations of activities and games. Other grades arriving early were greeted by the smiles of the students playing and with the anticipation of what they would do first on the field, given the choice. In February, the ES will hold their annual ‘Pump It Up Day’ full of fitness activities, again on the Green Field.

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