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Basic First Aid Training
Posted 10/12/2018 11:17AM

The Athletic Department worked with the School Nurses and the Lebanese Red Cross to train 50 Physical Education instructors/coaches and other individuals, who interact with students, in basic First Aid skills and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The training was done on campus during 2 Saturdays.

This year, Athletic Director, Mr. Joe Toler, wanted mandatory first aid training for all of his coaches and teachers. He reached out to Upper School Nurse Ms. Nada Halawi and together they formulated a plan. With the assistance of the Lebanese Red Cross, they organized a First Aid and a CPR class for those adults who work with students in PE Classes or in any sports training programs. The goal was to have all of the adults certified by the Lebanese Red Cross for those skills.

During the 8 hour training course the coaches and teachers were given the opportunity to practice what they learned. There were mannequins for CPR and they were given disaster scenarios. Taking turns, being a victim or a responder is such a good way to practice their newly acquired skills. It is well known that having rehearsed what to do in a disaster situation is very helpful and leads to better outcomes.

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