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Spring Equinox marks the Solar Panel Celebration
Posted 30/05/2018 01:26PM


On March 20th, the official Spring Equinox, ACS, distinguished guests, and key constituents, celebrated the conclusion of the solar panels’ testing period.

Deputy Chief of Mission, Ed White, from the U.S. Embassy, was present for the event and spoke of the embassy’s commitment to, among other things, renewable energy in Lebanon and projects like this one. He felt at home in the warm, welcoming environment of the ACS campus and reminisced about the various international American schools his children had attended.ACS Solar Panels Celebration

The Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) representative, Patil Mesrobian, explained what the LCEC is doing for other schools in Lebanon and applauded ACS for having the largest solar roof installation on a school in Lebanon. LCEC is the technical arm and project consultant for the Central Bank of Lebanon on energy projects.

“Many people say we need to leave a better planet for our children. At ACS, we believe we need to leave better, more informed children for our planet,” said Greg MacGilpin, Head of School. He outlined some of the “go green roadmap” and what an accomplishment this project was. Three middle school students spoke about their science project involving the solar panels and then three representatives from the high school Go Green Co-Curricular spoke of what they are doing on campus now and what they hope to do in the future.

The next step in the solar panel project will be the installation of the metering system that will permit ACS to send excess energy back to the national electricity grid.

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