Happy Hearts
Posted 29/05/2018 02:04PM


5th Grade students were treated to a lovely ‘Friendship Day’ from their Class Parents and the teachers of 5th grade. Friendship Day is celebrated with activities designed to reinforce kind words and actions while supporting each other. The day started in the classroom with discussions of what friendship is and how friendship can that be expressed in the world around them. There were drawings, artwork and stories.

After the class discussion and morning activities, students moved to the upper school auditorium for a fantastic buffet lunch organized by the homeroom parents and the 5th grade teachers. The tables were decorated by the parents and there were even placemats with activities for the students to do. Special desserts were handmade for the students and teachers by some of the parents. The teachers had a special table decorated just for them with thank you notes and gifts from their students in appreciation for what they do and their ‘friendship.’

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