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MUN Students Get Awards in Saida
Posted 12/07/2017 10:08AM


In the first Model United Nations (MUN) conference held this year, ACS delegates took home some top honors. Nine students left for the south of Lebanon to Houssam Hariri HS in Saida at the end of November, to join over 200 students from all over Lebanon to discuss current issues and hold a simulated United Nations Conference.

Prior to the two day conference, all students who registered were randomly assigned a country to represent during the conference. They were given the conference agenda and were asked to research their assigned country and understand the political position for the issues that would be discussed during the conference. For the two days, students debate, compromise and attempt to resolve some of the issues. During the conference there are judges monitoring the delegates behavior and skills and some delegates are selected for awards. Six ACS students received different awards.

The honor of 'Best Delegate' is given to students who show exemplary behavior and knowledge of their country. Liana Safa, Anas Adam, Daniel Harrich and Jana Hamade were all honored with this award. Two students received the 'Diplomacy Award'; Rani Kantari and Dana Bekdash. It is given to students who show great diplomacy skills. Dana Bekdash was given the 'Talented' award due to her novice status and the great job that she did.

ACS is hosting LEBMUN’18 in February and this year marks the 15th annual conference. Delegates from Lebanon and the international community are invited to register and experience the conference which will be held at UNESCWA (Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia) February 23-25th 2018.

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