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Early Years Celebrate Independence Day
Posted 11/22/2017 06:31PM


Red, White and Green were abundant across the school today as students celebrated Lebanese Independence Day. While some were taking the day easy, there was lots of celebration in store for the Early Years students.

They came dressed in festive clothes, camouflage outfits, waving their hand colored Lebanese Flag. Not to be outdone by his students, Head of School Greg MacGilpin dressed for the occasion with a specially made Lebanese Flag bow tie, a gift from some of the faculty. One teacher, Iman Saad wore a Lebanese flag like it was a cape with a matching tarboush.

After parading around the Early Years’ playground, the students walked up the stairs to the multipurpose room for the main show. They delighted the spectators by singing the national anthem followed by a special performance by KG2 students of the dabke. Later the other EY students joined in with free dancing. Happy Independence Day Lebanon from ACS.

ACS EY Independence Day

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