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Inspiring Summit was held at ACS Beirut
Posted 11/22/2017 06:29PM

“This was amazing!” and “I loved seeing so many different applications that could be used in the classroom or office!” even “Wow I wish I knew that sooner” these were just some of the statements heard on campus at ACS during the FIRST IN LEBANON Google Applications for Education (GAFE) Summit November 17-18.

School was closed, yet all of the staff and faculty were on the school grounds with faculty from other Lebanese and International institutions and guests. They all came to ACS for the FIRST Google Applications For Education (GAFE) Summit in Lebanon. Facilitators from EdTech presented classes as well as some of the staff from ACS and other schools. They shared ideas about various Google Applications as well as other applications for teaching and social media. Some of the presenters from ACS included the Head of School Greg MacGilpin, who taught a class on Twitter. Leigh Anne Toler’s demonstration on Socrative got rave reviews as well as her workshop on Google Forms. A few different teams at the school worked together to present programs like the Science Team of Simon Barakat and Marcelle Kairoz or Eric Kumbier and Tim Livingston demonstrating Reality TV in the Classroom. Over 12 ACS faculty presented during the 2 days. Teachers admitted that they were very excited about what they learned and the possibility of what they could do with the applications that they were exposed to.

On the Monday following the Summit, students at ACS heard about the conference from their teachers because so many of them shared some of what they learned. Now both students and faculty are asking if there will be a Summit next year and if they can attend.


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