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5th Grade is exploring everywhere!
Posted 11/14/2017 11:08AM


Last was a very busy month for the 5th grade students at ACS! Near the beginning of the month they went in two different groups up to Deir El Qamar for an overnight. During their trip, they went on a two hour hike in the Barouk Cedar Reserve before setting up their own tents. They played games, worked on their archery skills, rope climbed and even crawled across a spider web (made of rope). Creating their own skits and directing them was part of the excitement as much as the s’mores cooked over the campfire.

The next day they took an early morning hike then created a clay village in different groups. It was a team effort just like cleaning the campsite was. Before leaving, the students shared their reflections on nature. One student remarked that it was a breathtaking experience and another commented that it was so beautiful to sleep in nature. Everyone agreed that planting a smile on a child’s face, makes the world a better place.

Later in the month the students studied cells in the new science center. They worked in groups and tables of 4. Later they looked at cell structures through the microscopes and drawing diagrams on the boards. Some of the cells were plant based and then they looked at their own cheek cells. Observation was the word of the month.

G5 Students - ACS Beirut

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