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New Student Council Officers and Representatives Elected!
Posted 10/10/2017 11:37AM


Twelve candidates stood in the front of the gym anxiously waiting for their turn to speak at the podium. Anticipating their moment when they could use the microphone and explain why they are the best candidate for the position and what they to hope to accomplish in the coming year. Here is a summary of the speakers and where possible, their platform:

Treasurer - Riwa Saab '18 promised to protect the money raised, make a difference and bring back International Day celebrating different cultures and food. Haya Ghandour '18 wants to expand on the work from last year, have more surprises and support the student groups. Isabella El Badaoui '18 wore a cape and brought her dragon, Atlas. She explained the symbol of her dragon and how dragons guard treasures. Hadi Abdullah '19 promised that he would not use the money to build walls and would act in the interests of the students at school.

Secretary - Yara Daoud '18 stepped out of her comfort zone to run for office and pledged to have all of the minutes, attendance at meetings and other information available via e-mail. Celine El Hert '19 wants to follow her Jiddo’s advice and 'leave a trace'. She explained that this means to leave people happier than you found them or a place better than you found it. This is her primary goal if elected. Karim Harakeh '18 is organized. He hopes to grow and improve himself in the office while fulfilling requests as efficiently as possible.

Vice-President - Luke Armstrong '18 has been at the school since 8th grade and never expected to have the students care as much as they do about each other and the school. Since the school gave so much to him, he wants to give back to show he 'cares'. Taymour Nakib '19 chose the word 'help' for his campaign. He promised to help anyone with anything, to get water coolers that work on every floor and help STUCO any way possible.

President - Stephen Bouri '18 had 8 different points he vowed to address. Some include: increasing attendance at school athletic games, give students the opportunity to play more than one sport a season, create more student activities and fundraisers plus work on the bathrooms. Rani Kantari '18 explained he was a 15 year veteran at ACS who is experienced having served on the StuCo and an LB student. He reminded students how he worked on dress code last year and his 'Kan' do attitude ... Daniel Harrich '18 expressed frustration that the HS never gets anything from the budget. He vowed to get better budget support for HS students including renovating the locker rooms, new drama costumes, more art supplies as well as tackle the Sustained Silent Reading work to get it removed.

At the end of the speeches, all 9-12th grade students moved to the Rabbit Field to vote for the Student Council Officers. A week later, speeches were given by students wishing to be Class Representative. Congratulations to the new Student Council Officers and Representatives for 2017-18:

President - Rani Kantari

Vice-President - Luke Armstrong

Treasurer - Hadi Abdallah

Secretary - Celine El Hert

Grade 9: Jad Marrouche, Aya Abou-Alfa, Noorhan Maktabi

Grade 10: Sayf Salha, Sami Azhari, Jana Hamade

Grade 11: Kyra Haddad, Sarah Jaber, Alexandra Assad

Grade 12: Fatima Makki, Mahdy Yassine, Johnny Boustany

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