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It's Official! The start of the school year has begun
Posted 09/05/2017 10:22AM


On Wednesday September 6th the campus will be full of students greeting old friends, looking at new faces, seeking out classrooms and finding homerooms. Many students will be on a new part of campus, after being promoted from 5th or 8th grade at the end of last year. Our early year students might be going to school for the first time and returning students will be in the courtyard or Rabbit Field like old times.

Just a few weeks ago, ACS welcomed its new faculty and staff. They spent a few days getting to know the school, Beirut and then meeting the returning faculty and staff to prepare for the start of the school year. Both new and returning faculty and staff are looking forward to hearing about your summer adventures, sharing their own and to the school year ahead. Here is a link to the school calendar.

When you arrive on the first day, please be mindful of our safety rules. Excitement on the first day of school can often lead to forgetfulness of what is happening around you. Please remember to drive safely, watch where you walk, no running and follow the instructions given by the security guards.

A safe start of the school year is always a good start!




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