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Middle School House Olympics
Posted 06/12/2017 03:34PM


A battle between: Dragons, Wizards, Griffins, Phoenix, Titan and Indriks at AUB? Yes it’s true and it happened in late April on the campus of AUB during the Middle School House Olympics.

Each middle school student gets assigned to a ‘house’ when they enter MS. They are part of that ‘house’ for various activities throughout their middle school years. During this spring the second MS House Olympics were held with each team vying for the title. Over 240 students participated in various track and field events, swimming races, football games, water polo matches, and basketball.

Unfortunately, some of the houses had ‘professional athletes’ like the Dragon House with Ramy El Ghaziri a nationally ranked swimmer in the 8th grade. Since it wouldn’t be fair to have him compete against another student, Mr. Shannon Park, 8th Grade English Language Learner teacher volunteered to swim against him in the 50-meter butterfly race. When the whistle blew, Ramy was watching the crowd, not the pool and realized after Mr. Park was 1/3 of the way across the pool that he was supposed to go. So he jumped in and swam with all of his heart. Soon he started gaining on his teacher. All of the students and teachers were sitting on the edge of their seats watching a race that became close and closer. Wondering who would touch the wall first. In the end, it was Ramy. He overtook his teacher and won by a hand. Andrew Trozzi, PE Coordinator said “it was so exciting to see everyone watching that one event, wondering who would win.” After the games, MS Principal Phil Wendel said he loved “Seeing the kids support each other and cheer them on. You walk away feeling good.” It was a perfect way to spend the half-day and, by the way, the Phoenix House was the winner.

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