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IB Theory of Knowledge Presentations
Posted 04/27/2017 10:56AM


There are several components of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, with perhaps the most well-known the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) presentations. This final project observes the acquisition of knowledge through the application in which we learn things. Each IB student is required to pick a theme and present it during the IB exam.

In the past, a TOK conference was held for students from local schools to come together and present their themes. It was a great opportunity for students to see what others were doing but did not allow for much interaction between the presenters and participants.

ACS decided to take a different approach this year by providing a forum that allowed for more interaction. Working with IB Coordinator Ms. Nadia Chatila, IB TOK teachers Mr. Nick Lewis, Mr. Greg Nazarian and Ms. Elsa Saoud selected four of the top IB student presentations to showcase to current 11th grade students, as a preview of what they would experience the following year. The students selected were Laeiticia Khachwajian and May Qenai (stepping in for Luna Akil who was out sick), presenting on the ‘Power of Language.’ Robbie Koeck and Adam Zabadne chose to speak about ‘The Language Conundrum.’ The only individual presenter was Samia El Harake who presented on ‘The Accuracy of Measuring the Human Emotion’ while Rayana Azar and Ghalia Kabbani investigated the concept of ‘Is Art Deceiving?’

The day of the TOK event for the 11th grade students, the teachers themselves started with their own presentation on ‘Populism.’ They also presented on different disciplines such as a science presentation by Ms. Dania Maaliki, a math presentation by Mr. Akram Abdallah, history by Mr. Gregor Nazarian, and English by Ms. Claire Chalhoub. Juniors were then encouraged to ask questions and explore the subject matters further in groups.

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