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Grade 5 Future Scientists
Posted 04/27/2017 09:37AM


Contrary to what some believe, science is not best taught in the science lab. The Grade 5 teachers decided to take students into nature to teach them about all kinds of weathering: physical/mechanical, biological and chemical.

In Deir Al Qamar, grade 5 students integrated the science unit material by looking at mother rocks and finding the weathered pieces that surrounded it. They were fascinated when they observed and studied how the minerals in the rock cause chemical changes to the color. Oxidation, for instance, takes place when oxygen combines with iron and water. Students also examined rusty minerals too as an example of chemical weathering.

Grade 5 students also identified the limestone rocks that later were dipped in white vinegar (acidic solution). Students observed the chemical reaction that took place, recorded the results seen, especially carbon dioxide bubbles and limestone dissolving in the acidic solution that resulted from the reaction. Grade 5 students enjoyed the day spent in nature - an inspiring learning environment where they were able to examine first-hand what they had learned in landforms science unit.

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