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ACS Francophones
Posted 04/27/2017 09:04AM


Every year during the last week of March, it’s an ACS tradition to celebrate the French Language in various grades of the school. Ms. Joelle Yacob, Head of the French Department, explains that the programs in the early grades start with everyday words and progress to short stories, reading books, watching films and even singing songs for vocabulary and pronunciation.

This year, third and fourth grade students played games like Charades and Pictionary. 5th grade students wrote and performed their own skits and ate crepes to quench their appetite. High School students in the IB HL or IB1 chose a popular issue that they were interested in and prepared a ‘scene’ with interviews on subjects ranging from recycling, serving as a citizen of the world and even impersonating celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Imad Shour and Ali Ghaddar created a short French film on ‘What Would A Utopic City Be Like.’

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